Colour & Design - Dramatic and Bold

Jul 25, 2019

Take every advantage of patterns, textures, prints, striking artwork and luxurious soft furnishing to create an almost over the top environment. If colour pops is a way to update a neutral based apartment, dramatic and bold interior design is the way to go completely overboard this season, and it’s ok, you have permission, bold, rich design is entirely on trend, and used to create a luxurious home environment. It’s a passionate, rich, almost theatrical palette, only for the brave.  

In fact, where it’s easy to get a natural and neutral design looking good on your own, dramatic and bold interior designs can really benefit from a professional interior designer to keep the balance.

So how is dramatic and bold different to colour pops? Where color pops is about adding rich pastels to a fairly neutral base, a dramatic and bold interior takes every advantage of patterns, textures, prints, striking artwork and luxurious soft furnishing to create an almost over the top environment, rather than neutrals dressed up with a few key rich pastels.

Ditch the scandi-minimalism and bring big colour into your house. But there are a few design rules.  It’s still about natural materials, leather, timber, even cow hides, admittedly in some eye catching finishes. The only exception is velvet, which is seeing an impressive resurgence.

Raw materials can also even out your look, matt black with glass, stone and timber being fantastic ways to anchor the room.

Consider rounded edges and a shift from linear edges to curved and rounded forms. This is a look that’s luxiourous, but also invites deep comfort.

Pair a rich velvet lounge with a wicker chair and create living spaces that welcome you to curl up, a far cry from the more industrial looks of the mid-decade.

In fact, this is a theme that works fantastically for the op-shop hunters, whether it’s neoclassical, vintage or even art deco, a strong foundation will support eclectic pieces.

Of course, while the dramatic and bold will work with many of Australia’s favourite timbers, it’s also an opportunity to be creative.  You can use rich timber palettes, even indulge in some of the herringbone floor coverings coming out from our European suppliers.

Continue the luxury through to the bedroom with thick loop wool carpets for texture, rich marine bed linen, and gunmetal and timber furniture.

Still in the mood for Hygge? Try a natural and neutral look which creates cool spaces in the Australian summer, and snuggly places in winter.

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