Colour & Design - Natural and Neutral

Jul 28, 2019

A design trend as old as enjoying the beach in summer, naturals and neutrals suit the Australian way of life almost flawlessly. But just because it’s been around a while doesn’t mean it’s not getting an update for 2019 too.

If you’re looking to create a tranquil and relaxing living space, natural is the way to go.
But if that’s got you feeling just a bit washed out, it’s important to note that in 2019, we’re seeing natural colour palettes teamed with big organic textures and hints of colour.

The colours you’re looking for are soft misty white shades with just a hint of colour. Pale blues, sea mist greens and hints of pink are the way to go, but stay away from the rose gold and marbles of 2016.

One colour might not seem like much, but it’s a great base for a tonal colour scheme where you build depth with different shades of one colour. Think light blue cushions with hints of deeper blue statement vases, or pale greens tied together with rich indoor plants.


Ethnic designs bring detail into the neutral colour palette as do strong geometric designs. Think geometric rugs in pale colour schemes, side tables with geometric timber bases, or even pot plant pots.

Pinterest shows that searches for patterned indoor plants are up 533% this year, it’s officially a trend, but great news for the trusty spider fern.

It’s a great theme for up-cycled movement, and allows you to hunt for design treasures at second hand furniture shops and weekend markets, here in Australia or on your overseas trip. Natural fabrics and materials, with a handcrafted vibe is what you’re looking for.

So how to bring in modern textures to the Australian standard of neutral beach living? Woollen carpets with thick pile loops bring texture to bedroom living spaces, and if you’re looking to timber look flooring you can go two ways.

The first is heavily featured timber flooring, with knots, mineral streaks, bird peaks, cracks and tool marks, to create a really rustic, character driven floor.

The second, is to opt for a simple, lighter coloured floor which will remain timeless, and dress the look from the furnishings and cabinetry upwards.

Try a traditional Australian timber species, dressed up with a geometric or jute rug that can be changed with the seasons.

Whatever you do, avoid heavy stains, especially reds, and pick one or two colours at most, so that the room is driven by the textures rather than a colour explosion. Light Australian and mid tone timbers, natural fibre floor coverings and wool carpets tie the look together. Best of all, regardless of the age of your home, natural and neutral is one of the surest looks for Australian homes.

Need a bit more pop? Swap out some timber finishes to matt black or gunmetal grey, particularly in metal framed designs (instead of blocks of black), to give your home a little additional depth.

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