To DIY or Not to DIY? That is the Question!

May 13, 2020

When it comes time to replace the flooring in your home or install floors for the first time, you have the choice between doing it yourself or calling in a professional.


If you like an exciting challenge, then a DIY flooring installation project is for you. With availability of a vast array of materials and designs to choose from online and in store, there are flooring types that are easier than ever to install.


Reduced costs

It’s cheaper to do it yourself than paying a professional.

DIY saves you finding the best installer

You may want to avoid research into seeking multiple quotes and reading customer reviews as this just may seem like hard work, so you might just decide to DIY.

You like the challenge of a project

You may have never installed a floor before, but you’re keen to learn how and without paying for labour.

You can DIY in your own time

You can get cracking right now on your DIY and complete the task in your free time.


Hiring a professional to do your installation means you have someone who knows what they are doing, will take care of the extras you might not have thought about and will get the job done quickly. You save yourself time, and the potential of tearing your hair out trying to complete what can be a very complex job.



If this is your first time laying floors, there’s a likelihood you could mess up along the way which may add to your costs.

Any mistake you make you will have to fix, whereas a professional is responsible for any problems they might cause.

A problematic subfloor

Without the expertise to recognise a problem in your subfloor, you may proceed to lay new flooring over a problematic floor.

The best person to diagnose issues with your subfloor is a flooring professional.

Costs of tools and extraneous materials

You can’t do your install without the appropriate tools. Whether you buy or hire, it’s an additional cost that must be factored in.

A professional installer already has the tools and know-how.


You will need to seriously consider if you are prepared to invest the time in installing your flooring.

A professional has installed many floors and should be able to do the job much faster and more efficiently.

Potential to void warranty

Having a solid warranty is important as we want to be sure that if something goes wrong, we can get our new flooring replaced.

A professional installer should be accustomed to laying flooring according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Waste removal

When you tear up flooring, you have to dispose of the waste which means you are left with the job of hiring a trailer and paying tip fees.

Whereas, a quote from a professional installer will include waste removal costs.

Frustration at lack of knowledge

When faced with actually doing a DIY job, it can be a lot harder than anticipated.

So if you are still not sure whether you can or should tackle a DIY project on your own, get in touch with the experts at Floorworld to learn more about their installation service.

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