Keeta 1 Keeta Frosted Oak
    Keeta-Frosted_Oak 2 Frosted Oak
    Keeta-Smoke_Oak 3 Smoke Oak
    Keeta-Linen_Oak 4 Linen Oak
    Keeta-Crema_Oak 5 Crema Oak
    Keeta-Weathered_Espresso_Oak 6 Weathered Espresso Oak
    Keeta-Honey_Oak 7 Honey Oak
    Keeta-Shadow_Oak 8 Shadow Oak
    Keeta-Sorrel_Oak 9 Sorrel Oak
    Keeta 1
    Keeta-Frosted_Oak 2
    Keeta-Smoke_Oak 3
    Keeta-Linen_Oak 4
    Keeta-Crema_Oak 5
    Keeta-Weathered_Espresso_Oak 6
    Keeta-Honey_Oak 7
    Keeta-Shadow_Oak 8
    Keeta-Sorrel_Oak 9


    BRAND Imagine Floors

    TYPE Laminate


    The Keeta collection of Laminate flooring offers stunning, true-to-life oak-inspired designs. You can just express yourself with our Keeta Laminate flooring collection.


    Keeta range is backed by a 25 Year Residential Warranty (and a 5 Year Commercial one), so you can install them with complete peace of mind.

    The required input is low in terms of maintenance, and you’ll enjoy enhanced stability from your new floors thanks to the superior UNICLIC®® locking system. Ensure your floorboards are installed following the Installation Instructions and cared for using the Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions, and you’ll be adoring your Keeta floors for years to come.

    These child and pet-friendly floors have an AC4 rating – meaning they’re strong enough to withstand everyday life easily – and are suitable for installation in high-traffic residential areas and general commercial spaces. 

    These 8mm Laminate floorboards are protected against spills for up to 72 hours and resistant to general wear and tear and stains.

    For more information about Laminate flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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