Ellesmere 1 Ellesmere Soft Granite
Ellesmere-Soft_Granite 2 Soft Graniter
Ellesmere-Mottled_Grey 3 Mottled Grey
Ellesmere-Soft_Concrete 4 Soft Concrete
Ellesmere-Sandstone 5 Sandstone
Ellesmere-Mixed_Stone 6 Mixed Stone
Ellesmere-Pebble_Mix 7 Pebble Mix
Ellesmere-Shadowbox 8 Shadowbox
Ellesmere-Ebony_Mix 9 Ebony Mix
Ellesmere 1
Ellesmere-Soft_Granite 2
Ellesmere-Mottled_Grey 3
Ellesmere-Soft_Concrete 4
Ellesmere-Sandstone 5
Ellesmere-Mixed_Stone 6
Ellesmere-Pebble_Mix 7
Ellesmere-Shadowbox 8
Ellesmere-Ebony_Mix 9


BRAND Redbook

TYPE Solution Dyed Nylon

STYLE Loop Pile

Ellesmere'e stylish textured loop pile design creates the illusion of space by drawing your eye to the floor. This makes it an especially inspired choice for urban apartments and townhouses.


  • 15 year Stain Resistance Warranty^
  • 15 Year Fade Resistance Warranty^
  • 15 year Soil Resistance Warranty
  • 15 Year Wear Resistance Guarantee
  • Lifetime Manufacturing Defect Warranty

Solution dyed nylon is a tough fibre that offers high durability and great colour.  The solution dyed nylon technology locks the carpet colour into the fibres and being non-porous, it is also resilient to abrasion and matting. This particularly good for little kids and pets who love to roll around on the floor.

  • High traffic areas
  • Bedroom
  • Study
  • Living Room
The carpet is highly resistant to stains and wears well against high traffic, making it perfect for busy homes. Colour wise, solution dyed nylon will stay vibrant for longer due to yarn being coloured all the way through and its fade resistant properties. With four different styles – twist, textured, loop and plush. Solution dyed nylon is also static resistant. The carpet offers outstanding and long lasting resistance to static.

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