Summerville 1 Summerville Fitzroy Oak
Summerville-Paronella_Oak 2 Paronella Oak
Summerville-Hyde_Oak 3 Hyde Oak
Summerville-Cradle_Tasmania_Oak 4 Cradle Tasmania Oak
Summerville-Tasmanian_Oak 5 Tasmanian Oak
Summerville-Park_Oak 6 Park Oak
Summerville-Kings_Oak 7 Kings Oak
Summerville-Bunya_Blackbutt 8 Bunya Blackbutt
Summerville-Meroo_Spotted_Gum 9 Meroo Spotted Gum
Summerville-Royal_Oak 10 Royal Oak
Summerville-Idalia_Spotted_Gum 11 Idalia Spotted Gum
Summerville-Fitzroy_Oak 12 Fitzroy Oak
Summerville 1
Summerville-Paronella_Oak 2
Summerville-Hyde_Oak 3
Summerville-Cradle_Tasmania_Oak 4
Summerville-Tasmanian_Oak 5
Summerville-Park_Oak 6
Summerville-Kings_Oak 7
Summerville-Bunya_Blackbutt 8
Summerville-Meroo_Spotted_Gum 9
Summerville-Royal_Oak 10
Summerville-Idalia_Spotted_Gum 11
Summerville-Fitzroy_Oak 12


BRAND Signature

TYPE Hybrid


Summerville luxury planks feature a new extra dense rigid solid-core and a multi-layer quartz enhanced polyurethane coating which provides exceptional resistance to heavy foot traffic, indents, scratches and scuffs. The solid-core of the plank and Tight Lock installation method  ensures floors stay flat, straight and warp and water-proof.


Lifetime Residential   
15 years Commercial

Sunplank® is the first sun-proof, fade-proof, water-proof, warp-proof and heat-proof flooring solution that will perform under the most demanding Australian conditions.  It’s solid-core construction remains flat and rigid at all times, proven up to 50 degrees celsius.

  • Living areas
  • Dining areas
  • Children's play area
  • Wet areas

Installs directly over irregularities and existing floors
Can be laid over ceramic and porcelain tiles
Can be laid over concrete
Can be laid over chip board

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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