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By Melissa Lunardon and Floorworld 


In interior design, the perception of space isn't just limited to physical dimensions; it's an illusion that can be skillfully manipulated to transform even the most confined areas into open, inviting havens. If you've ever marvelled at how specific spaces seem more significant than they are, you've witnessed the magic of creating the illusion of space. Welcome to a world where dimensions can be stretched and boundaries blurred, all with the expert guidance of Floorworld.

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Embrace the Illusion: Creating Space 

Incorporating strategic design elements and techniques can make any space feel more expansive and comfortable. Whether you're dealing with a cozy living room, a compact office, or a small apartment, these principles are your allies.


The Palette of Possibilities: Light and airy tones

Light and neutral colours serve as the foundation for creating spaciousness. These shades reflect light, instantly rendering a room airy and open. Imagine the seamless expanse when a consistent colour palette blankets walls, ceilings, and furniture.

But why stop at walls? Extend this principle to your flooring, too. Floorworld's partnership with Redbook Green brings forth the "Mountain Chalet" range. Delve into the Summit and Mountain Lodge Cloud Cover tones, which exude warm greys to enhance spaciousness within bedrooms.


Harvesting Natural Light: Illuminating the Illusion

Natural light is the ultimate enlarging agent. Sheer curtains and blinds can replace heavy drapes, allowing sunlight to illuminate the room gracefully. Strategically positioned mirrors effortlessly bounce light around, magnifying the dimensions. For spaces devoid of windows, such as hallways or inner bathrooms, consider the addition of skylights.


Furnishing your Illusion: Selection and Scale

Furniture with slender profiles and elevated legs plays a pivotal role. These choices expose more floor, creating an immediate sense of openness. Multi-functional furniture pieces like sofa beds and storage ottomans aid in decluttering and amplifying perceived space.

Remember, the scale is paramount. Opt for appropriately sized furniture to avoid overwhelming the space.


Elevate with Vertical Space: A Taller Illusion

Direct the gaze upwards for an illusion of heightened space. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, majestic artwork, and towering bookshelves elongate walls, casting a spell of grandeur. Shelves, beyond storage, also lend verticality and visual appeal.


Mastering Minimalism: Less is Exponentially More

Minimalism – the art of less – invites serenity and openness. Streamlined furniture, restrained decor, and a harmonious colour palette work wonders. The vast and long planks and the stunning designs of Titan’s Hybrid range reflect the beauty of natural timber and emit a sense of warmth and style throughout your home. They not only amplify the illusion but are also resilient and waterproof.


Seamless Flow: Open Sightlines and Continuity

Unobstructed views contribute to a room's seamless flow. A furniture arrangement that maintains open sightlines supports this continuity, ultimately making the space feel larger.

Maintaining a consistent design style throughout the space also aids in preserving a sense of expansiveness. Floorworld, the experts in advice, price, and range, walk hand in hand with you through this journey.


Reflections and Finishes: The Magic of Materials

Incorporate reflective surfaces like glass and metallic finishes to dance with light. They skillfully manipulate the dimensions of a room, creating a larger-than-life ambience. For petite bathrooms, envision glossy wall tiles, adding to the illusion.


Transparent Divisions: Space Beyond Solid Walls

Breaking boundaries without closing off spaces is an art. Transparent dividers, whether open shelving units, pendant lights, area rugs, or decorative screens, maintain division while welcoming openness.


The Horizon of Illusions: Horizontal Lines and Monochromatic Mastery

Horizontal lines visually widen a room. Use horizontal stripes, elongated artwork, or low-profile furniture to amplify the space. And don't forget the allure of a monochromatic scheme—harmonious shades of the same colour weave an environment that expansively stretches.


About Melissa Lunardon

Melissa is the creative director and head interior designer widely recognised for her outstanding contributions to the design industry. She is the founder and principal of ML Interior Design, a boutique design firm widely known for creating timeless interiors that reflect each client’s personality and lifestyle.

With over 15 years of experience, Melissa has gained a reputation for her exceptional creativity and passion for design. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, and publications, including Grand Designs and Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly.


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