Floorwold Community Program

Floorworld community program

Floorworld believes in building a connected school community. This enhances learning outcomes, support, collaboration, and well-being for the entire school and benefits the community at large.

An inclusive learning community that allows the community to share knowledge, skills and resources will allow for a greater sense of belonging, school pride and motivation to teach and learn. Providing opportunities to collaborate within this community will enhance accountability and increase learning opportunities for students.


The Floorworld School Sponsorship Program is designed to assist schools with direct funding for sports equipment, special projects and other educational initiatives.

We invite schools within a 10km radius of our Floorworld store community to apply for up to $1000 of funding.







Floorworld also allows families to contribute funds back to their child’s school by simply making a flooring purchase from any Floorworld store.

Any family that purchases flooring from a Floorworld store contributes $1 per square metre of hard flooring and $1 per broadloom metre of carpet to their respective school.

It is essential and necessary that the square/broadloom meterage be
stated on any invoices.
There are no radius restrictions on the school to store distance in this program component.


Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to read the full terms and conditions

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