The Benefits of Timber Flooring

Oct 28, 2021

Timber flooring is a natural and organic product that feels great and looks exquisite. Using timber on the floors in a home gives you the chance to create a distinctive and unique space, with flooring that will age well and have a long lifespan.

Value benefits of timber flooring

Although timber flooring may seem slightly more expensive than other flooring options, it is a matter of considering this cost in the long term. Timber flooring is hardy and much harder to damage than many other materials. A quality timber floor will last for decades. Many other products on the market, like carpets or laminate, need to be replaced much more regularly. Timber flooring makes a wonderful investment and will only increase the value of your home.

The versatility of timber flooring

A wide range of moods can be achieved through timber flooring. Whether you want simple and understated or bold and full of character, there are choices to suit your home. You may opt for a traditional style or a more contemporary look. Timber flooring is available in a variety of wood materials and this gives you a wide range of colours and tones to consider.

Maintenance benefits of timber flooring

Timber floors are easier to clean and maintain than many other flooring products. To clean timber flooring, you need to mop with a dry mop each week and a basic damp mop each month. Hot or wet mopping is not required and will potentially damage the surfacing on the timber. With timber flooring, you will easily see any areas that need particular attention, as dirt and dust particles cannot become trapped within the material itself. This makes it a great choice for people with allergies or in homes with children or pets.

Environmental benefits of timber flooring

Timber flooring is made from a naturally occurring material and is not manufactured. This means there are no waste materials or toxic byproducts. When you do dispose of timber flooring, it will decompose naturally, which other materials such as carpet and vinyl will not. Wood that is used for flooring is sourced from sustainable Australian forests, which helps us to manage overall CO2 emissions.

Wellbeing benefits of timber flooring

There are reported health benefits achieved by using natural materials such as timber in your home. Timber can contribute to feelings of wellbeing improving mood, and reducing stress. It also continues to enhance the quality of air long after it has been installed.

You’ll enjoy the timeless appearance and cool comfort of timber flooring for many years to come. Whether you’re looking to purchase new flooring, have questions about your existing flooring or are looking for specific maintenance information for your timber flooring, reach out to your local Floorworld store. For more information visit or visit your local Floorworld retailer.

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