Evoke 1 Evoke
Evoke-Moonlight 2 Moonlight
Evoke-Chalice 3 Chalice
Evoke-Steeple_Grey 4 Steeple Grey
Evoke-Quicksand 5 Quicksand
Evoke-Fossil 6 Fossil
Evoke-Winteridge 7 Winteridge
Evoke-Treacle 8 Treacle
Evoke-Taywood 9 Taywood
Evoke-Bronco 10 Bronco
Evoke 1
Evoke-Moonlight 2
Evoke-Chalice 3
Evoke-Steeple_Grey 4
Evoke-Quicksand 5
Evoke-Fossil 6
Evoke-Winteridge 7
Evoke-Treacle 8
Evoke-Taywood 9
Evoke-Bronco 10


BRAND Australian Select Timbers

TYPE Laminate

STYLE Embossed

Reflections Evoke laminate flooring range is available in nine contemporary colours, sure to suit the style of any home. The matte-finished surface, combined with synchronised embossing, will bring a sense of elegance to your interior space.


25 Year Residential & 3 Year Commercial Wear Warranty*

Reflections Laminate 8mm Evoke flooring is designed for use in internal environments, including floors, walls, etc., and should not be used externally. Furthermore, Reflections Laminate 8mm Evoke flooring should not be directly adhered to a subfloor and must be installed as a floating floor.

Reflections Laminate 8mm Evoke flooring should be installed in a “laminate flooring friendly environment” where the area is occupied, protected from direct heat and sunlight and where heating and cooling systems are in place and used to control the internal temperatures and humidity.

Reflections Laminate 8mm Evoke flooring SHOULD NOT be installed in wet areas, including bathrooms, toilets, areas or rooms where a floor waste (water drain) is present or required. Residential kitchens are not considered wet areas. In areas where spills may often occur, such as kitchens and living areas, make sure spills are wiped up and dried as soon as possible to avoid moisture ingress and possible plank deformity.

For any home and most commercial spaces.

     - AC4 Commercial Grade

‹ - Scratch Resistant

‹ - Matte Embossed In Register Finish (EIR)

‹ - Eco-Friendly VOC (E0)

‹ - 4x Sides Bevelled Edging

‹ - Licensed Click System

‹ - Water Resistant

For more information about Laminate flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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