Daytona 1 Carpet Daytona
Daytona-Bistro 2 Bistro
Daytona-Dodge_Beige 3 Dodge Beige
Daytona-Mid_Beige 4 Mid Beige
Daytona-Green_Beige 5 Green Beige
Daytona-Dark_Cobble 6 Dark Cobble
Daytona-Desert_Brown 7 Desert Brown
Daytona-Cyber_Grey 8 Cyber Grey
Daytona-Black_Coffee 9 Black Coffee
Daytona-Charcoal 10 Charcoal
Daytona 1
Daytona-Bistro 2
Daytona-Dodge_Beige 3
Daytona-Mid_Beige 4
Daytona-Green_Beige 5
Daytona-Dark_Cobble 6
Daytona-Desert_Brown 7
Daytona-Cyber_Grey 8
Daytona-Black_Coffee 9
Daytona-Charcoal 10


BRAND Beaulieu

TYPE Solution Dyed Polypropylene

STYLE Loop Pile

Daytona is an economical light weight 100% polypropylene modulated carpet suitable for any area of the home.


Anti-Static Warranty - 5 Year

Manufacturing Warranty - 5 Year

Stain Warranty - 5 Year

Wear Warranty - 5 Year

Polypropylene is an economical carpet flooring choice. Polypropylene carpet is suited to low traffic areas, rental properties and playrooms. It is colourfast and resistant to fading, moisture, mildew and water damage.

Low traffic areas

Rental properties

Very affordable carpet. Resistance to moisture, mildew and water damage it a perfect match for rental properties, play rooms and outdoor areas.

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