Hydro XL

Hydro_XL 1 Hydro XL Laminate
Hydro_XL-Alaska 2 Alaska
Hydro_XL-Kansas 3 Kansas
Hydro_XL-Hawaii 4 Hawaii
Hydro_XL-Helena 5 Helena
Hydro_XL-Cleveland 6 Cleveland
Hydro_XL-Nashville 7 Nashville
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Blackbutt 8 Hydro Blackbutt
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Spottedgum 9 Hydro Spottedgum
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Brushbox 10 Hydro Brushbox
Hydro_XL-Lincoln 11 Lincoln
Hydro_XL-New_York 12 New York
Hydro_XL-Miami 13 Miami
Hydro_XL-Antique_Teak 14 Antique Teak
Hydro_XL-Black_Magic 15 Black Magic
Hydro_XL 1
Hydro_XL-Alaska 2
Hydro_XL-Kansas 3
Hydro_XL-Hawaii 4
Hydro_XL-Helena 5
Hydro_XL-Cleveland 6
Hydro_XL-Nashville 7
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Blackbutt 8
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Spottedgum 9
Hydro_XL-Hydro_Brushbox 10
Hydro_XL-Lincoln 11
Hydro_XL-New_York 12
Hydro_XL-Miami 13
Hydro_XL-Antique_Teak 14
Hydro_XL-Black_Magic 15

Hydro XL

BRAND Clever Choice

TYPE Laminate


Clever Choice Hydro range of laminate floors is an evolutionary core-engineered laminate for superior durability and water resistance against spills.The Clever Hydro Collection sets a new standard for flooring.


Residential Warranty* : 30years 

Commercial Warranty* : 8years (LightCommercial)

The Clever Choice Hydro range of laminate floors continues its commitment to supplying innovative, high-quality, value-for-money floor coverings to the Australian market. At the heart of Clever Hydro is an evolutionary core engineered for superior durability and water resistance against spills. A hard-wearing, stain-resistant surface, combined with fashionable timber decors and sizes, means that Clever Hydro laminate offers extra water protection for peace of mind for everyday living.

Suitable for most areas of the home and office

Timeless – Hydro floors are stylish.

Stability and Durability – 70% more stable than traditional laminate floors.

Easy Care & Maintenance – Due to the scratch UV-resistant coatings, its continued great looks are assured over its recommended lifetime.

More quality time for you and the family – Easy to clean and maintain with a quick dust sweep with a soft-bristle broom or vacuum (Floors are not designed for use with steam mops).

Design Choice – Its incredible aesthetic and functional appeal make choosing Hydro appropriate for installation in all areas of your home and office. Adaptable to any space with the range of colours and widths available.

Real Timber Feel – High-quality print for a natural timber look and feel underfoot compared to Hybrid floors.

For Peace of Mind – Your flooring investment is secure with solid structural and finish warranties.

For more information about Laminate flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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