Hard Flooring

Dunlop_Underlay_HF 1 Dunlop Underlay HF
Timbercushion 2 Timbercushion
Timbermate 3 Timbermate
Thermacoustic 4 Thermacoustic
Aquacoustic 5 Aquacoustic
Dunlop_Underlay_HF 1
Timbercushion 2
Timbermate 3
Thermacoustic 4
Aquacoustic 5

Hard Flooring

BRAND Dunlop

TYPE Underlay


Dunlop hard flooring underlays are specially designed to offer resilience, an increased reduction in sound transfer while also providing added moisture and thermal protection. Dunlop offers a hard flooring underlay to suit your floor style and budget. Each has been specifically designed to suit different hard flooring applications.


All Dunlop hard flooring underlays have undergone extensive testing by the CSIRO to determine their impact sound performance and compliance with the impact standard set by the NCC. Dunlop’s hard flooring underlays all exceed the standard.

Dunlop offers an extensive range of hard flooring underlays to help make your floor even more resilient and retain their appearance for longer. You can choose the right underlay to suit your hard flooring space.

Reduced noise transfer

Moisture protection

Thermal protection


Comfortable underfoot

Retain their appearance for longer

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Hard Flooring