Artisan 1 Artisan Tartan Bells
Artisan-Kosi_Cross 2 Kosi Cross
Artisan-Tartan_Quartz 3 Tartan Quartz
Artisan-Hotham_Cross 4 Hotham Cross
Artisan-Diamantina 5 Diamantina
Artisan-Persian_Blonde 6 Persian Blonde
Artisan-Persian_Red 7 Persian Red
Artisan-Tartan_Bells 8 Tartan Bells
Artisan-Tartan_Rock 9 Tartan Rock
Artisan-Persian_Blue 10 Persian Blue
Artisan-Dark_Net 11 Dark Net
Artisan-Atom 12 Artisan Atom
Artisan-Rivet 13 Artisan Rivet
Artisan 1
Artisan-Kosi_Cross 2
Artisan-Tartan_Quartz 3
Artisan-Hotham_Cross 4
Artisan-Diamantina 5
Artisan-Persian_Blonde 6
Artisan-Persian_Red 7
Artisan-Tartan_Bells 8
Artisan-Tartan_Rock 9
Artisan-Persian_Blue 10
Artisan-Dark_Net 11
Artisan-Atom 12
Artisan-Rivet 13


BRAND Feltex

TYPE Wool Synthetic

STYLE Cut Pile Plush

Introducing Artisan, an exciting range of woven carpets from Feltex. Crafted from a rich blend of premium wools, this quality Axminster combines comfort with durability. Artisan features a diverse assortment of classic and contemporary patterns in subdued hues or bold pops of colour, specifically designed to complement a variety of interiors.


Feltex 15 Year Wool Residential Limited Warranty
Wool blend carpets are most often a mix of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but are available in varying proportions and a range of colours. Wool blend offers a luxurious softness of wool with durability and hard-wearing aspects.
Medium to high traffic areas
Mixing synthetic fibre with wool helps to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, improving the wearing ability and reducing shedding from short fibres.

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