Curious Path

Curious_Path 1 Curious Path Speculative
Curious_Path-Analytical 2 Analytical
Curious_Path-Inquisitive 3 Inquisitive
Curious_Path-Interest 4 Interest
Curious_Path-Quizzical 5 Quizzical
Curious_Path-Speculative 6 Speculative
Curious_Path-Intrigue 7 Intrigue
Curious_Path 1
Curious_Path-Analytical 2
Curious_Path-Inquisitive 3
Curious_Path-Interest 4
Curious_Path-Quizzical 5
Curious_Path-Speculative 6
Curious_Path-Intrigue 7

Curious Path

BRAND Godfrey Hirst

TYPE Solution Dyed Nylon

STYLE Patterned Loop Pile

With a carefully selected colour palette, Curious Path is a commercial flooring solution with an understated and stylish finish with its organic, free-flowing pattern. 


Contract Guarantee:7 Year Contract Guarantee Available on Request*

PVC Minimisation: PVC Free

Indoor Air Quality: Green Building Council compliant with VOC emission rate limits

Product Transparency: Declare Red List Free

Green Star: Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS). Level 4 Maximum Points - Certificate #22242

Accreditation: Manufactured under a quality, environmental health and safety system certified and complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by accredited certification bodies.

Offices and Commercial Places

- fade resistance

- wear resistance

- stain resistance

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