Fractal Ground

Fractal_Ground 1 Fractal Ground
Fractal_Ground-Focus 2 Focus
Fractal_Ground-Sanctuary 3 Sanctuary
Fractal_Ground-Easy_Breezy 4 Easy Breezy
Fractal_Ground-Awakening 5 Awakening
Fractal_Ground-Blue_Bliss 6 Blue Bliss
Fractal_Ground-Pause 7 Pause
Fractal_Ground-Harmony 8 Harmony
Fractal_Ground-Solitude 9 Solitude
Fractal_Ground 1
Fractal_Ground-Focus 2
Fractal_Ground-Sanctuary 3
Fractal_Ground-Easy_Breezy 4
Fractal_Ground-Awakening 5
Fractal_Ground-Blue_Bliss 6
Fractal_Ground-Pause 7
Fractal_Ground-Harmony 8
Fractal_Ground-Solitude 9

Fractal Ground

BRAND Godfrey Hirst

TYPE Solution Dyed Nylon

STYLE Textured Multi Coloured Loop Pile

Relaxing Floors is the culmination of art, science and human-centred design based on fractal patterns. Fractal Ground provides a textural organic ground cover visual that works as a field carpet or a coordinating base for many other Mohawk Group Collections.


Contract Guarantee: 15 Years Available on Request*

GH Commercial fully embraces sustainability with the Mohawk Group brand and is leading the industry in product transparency through programs like Declare and the Living Building Challenge. Our carpet tiles hold current and relevant certifications and labels that illustrate our commitment to creating healthy indoor environments. The Relaxing Floors collection is Declare Red List Free, with all ingredients disclosed on theDeclare ‘nutrition label, eliminating the mystery of product ingredients and giving you total product transparency.

Acoustic performance :

Fire test :

Installation guide :


Offices & Commercial Spaces

Relaxing Floors offers a sustainable and worry-free performance system, utilising Mohawk Group’s industry-leading Duracolor Tricor Fibre, award-winning Heathered Hues yarn, and high-performance Enviro Bac®carpet tile backing.

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