Marylebone 1 Marylebone West End
Marylebone-Westminster 2 Westminster
Marylebone-Portman_Estate 3 Portman Estate
Marylebone-Nottingham_Place 4 Nottingham Place
Marylebone-Chandos_House 5 Chandos House
Marylebone-West_End 6 West End
Marylebone-Upper_Wimpole 7 Upper Wimpole
Marylebone-Cavendish_Square 8 Cavendish Square
Marylebone-Fitzrovia 9 Fitzrovia
Marylebone-Baker_Street 10 Baker Street
Marylebone-Spanish_Place 11 Spanish Place
Marylebone-Tyburn 12 Tyburn
Marylebone-Wigmore_Hall 13 Wigmore Hall
Marylebone 1
Marylebone-Westminster 2
Marylebone-Portman_Estate 3
Marylebone-Nottingham_Place 4
Marylebone-Chandos_House 5
Marylebone-West_End 6
Marylebone-Upper_Wimpole 7
Marylebone-Cavendish_Square 8
Marylebone-Fitzrovia 9
Marylebone-Baker_Street 10
Marylebone-Spanish_Place 11
Marylebone-Tyburn 12
Marylebone-Wigmore_Hall 13


BRAND Godfrey Hirst

TYPE Solution Dyed Nylon

STYLE Cut Pile Twist

Marylebone is a divinely soft and durable carpet that can handle the demands of a busy family home and is available in a range of colours inspired by nature to complement any interior. 


Guarantee:15 Year Premium Limited Residential Guarantee*

  • Declare Certification: Declare Red List Free

  • Accreditation: Manufactured under a quality, environmental health and safety system certified and complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by accredited certification bodies.

  • Indoor Air Quality: Green Building Council Compliant for VOC emission rate limits


Living areas

Dining areas

- fade resistance

- wear resistance

- stain resistance

- Australian made

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