MiPlank 1 MiPlank
MiPlank-Silkwood 2 Silkwood
MiPlank-Silver_Birch 3 Silver Birch
MiPlank-Washed_Pine 4 Washed Pine
MiPlank-Grey_Gum 5 Grey Gum
MiPlank-Smoked_Oak 6 Smoked Oak
MiPlank-Paper_Bark 7 Paper Bark
MiPlank-Red_Heart_Gum 8 Red Heart Gum
MiPlank-Blackwood 9 Blackwood
MiPlank-Carbon_Teak 10 Carbon Teak
MiPlank-Wattle 11 Wattle
MiPlank-Tasmanian_Myrtle 12 Tasmanian Myrtle
MiPlank-Dark_Oak 13 Dark Oak
MiPlank 1
MiPlank-Silkwood 2
MiPlank-Silver_Birch 3
MiPlank-Washed_Pine 4
MiPlank-Grey_Gum 5
MiPlank-Smoked_Oak 6
MiPlank-Paper_Bark 7
MiPlank-Red_Heart_Gum 8
MiPlank-Blackwood 9
MiPlank-Carbon_Teak 10
MiPlank-Wattle 11
MiPlank-Tasmanian_Myrtle 12
MiPlank-Dark_Oak 13


BRAND Polyflor

TYPE Vinyl Plank


Designed exclusively for the Australian lifestyle, MiPlank has been carefully created by a team of local interior experts. The collection features 15 planks inspired by natural timber, each containing unique knot and grain details, giving each plank its own unique appeal.


15 Year Residential Warranty

10 Year Commercial Warranty

Featuring a PUR coating and heavy duty commercial wear layer, MiPlank is designed to last. MiPlank is suitable for installation to homes as well as a range of heavy duty commercial spaces. Purposefully designed to replicate real timber species with easy to identify names such as Red Heart Gum, Wattle, Spotted Gum etc.

Thickness: 5.0mm
Wear Layer 0.55mm
Contains 15 timber designs:
9 boards (185 x 1505mm)
6 boards (177.8 x 1219mm)

High traffic rooms
Living areas
Dining areas
Children's play area

Vinyl is an easy-to-maintain surface, which is comfortable under foot and suitable for many domestic and commercial applications. Vinyl plank gives your home a timber look which is highly durable and comes at an economical price.

For more information about vinyl flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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