Scenic View

Scenic_View 1 Scenic View Cool Air
Scenic_View-Cliff_Edge 2 Cliff Edge
Scenic_View-Fresh_Breeze 3 Fresh Breeze
Scenic_View-Cloud_Haze 4 Cloud Haze
Scenic_View-Flannel_Flower 5 Flannel Flower
Scenic_View-Wattle_Tree 6 Wattle Tree
Scenic_View-Waterfalls 7 Waterfalls
Scenic_View-Campfire_Smoke 8 Campfire Smoke
Scenic_View-Cool_Air 9 Cool Air
Scenic_View-Earth_Dust 10 Earth Dust
Scenic_View-Shrublands 11 Shrublands
Scenic_View-Forest_Floor 12 Forest Floor
Scenic_View-Starry_Night 13 Starry Night
Scenic_View-Greenstone 14 Greenstone
Scenic_View-River_Rapids 15 River Rapids
Scenic_View-Fresh_Water 16 Fresh Water
Scenic_View-Boulder 17 Boulder
Scenic_View 1
Scenic_View-Cliff_Edge 2
Scenic_View-Fresh_Breeze 3
Scenic_View-Cloud_Haze 4
Scenic_View-Flannel_Flower 5
Scenic_View-Wattle_Tree 6
Scenic_View-Waterfalls 7
Scenic_View-Campfire_Smoke 8
Scenic_View-Cool_Air 9
Scenic_View-Earth_Dust 10
Scenic_View-Shrublands 11
Scenic_View-Forest_Floor 12
Scenic_View-Starry_Night 13
Scenic_View-Greenstone 14
Scenic_View-River_Rapids 15
Scenic_View-Fresh_Water 16
Scenic_View-Boulder 17

Scenic View

BRAND Redbook Green

TYPE Triexta

STYLE Cut Pile Twist

Australian-made Scenic View is a plush cut pile twist triexta carpet that is exceptionally soft, durable, and clean with just water.


Warranty: Redbook 25-Year Triexta Limited Residential Warranty*

  • ACCS Rating: Residential Extra Heavy Duty - 6 Star, Contract Heavy Duty - 3 Star

  • Declare Certification: Declare Red List Free

  • Accreditation: Manufactured under a quality, environmental health and safety system certified and complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by accredited certification bodies.

  • Indoor Air Quality: Green Building Council Compliant for VOC emission rate limits.


Living areas

Dining areas

- pet friendly

- residential extra heavy-duty

- wear resistance

- stain resistance

- Australian made


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