Whitsundays AquaPlank®

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Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Daydream_Oak 2 Daydream Oak
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Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Hamilton_Oak 4 Hamilton Oak
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Long_Island_Oak 5 Long Island Oak
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Lindeman_Oak 6 Lindeman Oak
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Brampton_Oak 7 Brampton Oak
Whitsundays_AquaPlank 1
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Daydream_Oak 2
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Hayman_Oak 3
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Hamilton_Oak 4
Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Long_Island_Oak 5
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Whitsundays_AquaPlank-Brampton_Oak 7

Whitsundays AquaPlank®

BRAND Signature

TYPE Laminate


Whitsundays AquaPlank® feature Atroguard™ “water resist” Technology. Together with its SureCore™ stability and Matt Power-seal™ on every plank surface and join, AquaPlank® delivers a floor that will out perform any other in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and living zones.

AquaPlank® by Signature is the ultimate stress-free, water-resistant floor that won’t warp, buckle or fail in ANY room of your home.


Lifetime Residential Warranty


12 Years Commercial Warranty

Adaptability has always been Signature's mantra. As a company that cares for its customers just as much as it cares for the environment, we continually make changes to attain new sustainability goals for our products.

As one of Australia's leading sustainable flooring companies, Signature Floors constantly strives to reduce our carbon footprint to leave a better world for future generations.

All living areas











Revolutionary Atroguard™ Water Resist Technology ensures any water spills and splashes cannot permeate AquaPlank ® keeping your floor 72 hour standing water resistant and warp and worry-free.


AquaPlank® features a 2 Pass Power-Seal™ applied to all edges of the plank, making AquaPlank ® water tight and ideal for bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and family rooms. Atroguard™ heavy commercial grade surface protection also offers a superior level of stain, scratch, indent and even burn resistance for when mistakes do happen.


Wide open doors and large glass windows, sun is integral to how we enjoy our homes. Designed for the Australian lifestyle of easy living, the advanced manufacturing of AquaPlank® SureCore™ under high pressure offers 60% greater stability ensuring your floor maintains its integrity and won’t lift, warp or shrink under the toughest conditions.

For more information about Laminate flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:



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