Panel Blinds

Panel_Blinds 1 Panel Blinds White
Panel_Blinds-White 2 White
Panel_Blinds-Arum 3 Arum
Panel_Blinds-Warm_White 4 Warm White
Panel_Blinds-Custom_Cream 5 Custom Cream
Panel_Blinds-Dune 6 Dune
Panel_Blinds-Slate 7 Slate
Panel_Blinds-Black 8 Black
Panel_Blinds 1
Panel_Blinds-White 2
Panel_Blinds-Arum 3
Panel_Blinds-Warm_White 4
Panel_Blinds-Custom_Cream 5
Panel_Blinds-Dune 6
Panel_Blinds-Slate 7
Panel_Blinds-Black 8

Panel Blinds

BRAND Viewscape



Panel blinds are a stylish modern alternative to standard window treatments. They feature a sleek aluminium track system with panels that glide easily into place. They are an ideal choice for sliding doors and wide windows, and can also be mounted on a ceiling to make the perfect room divider.


Floorworld offers a range of modern and up to date designs, colours and fabrics. Range consists of Roman blinds, Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds , Panel Blinds and Outdoor Blinds.

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Modern, durable and stylish blinds up - to - date colours and fabrics. Manufactured in Australia.