Roman Blinds

    Roman_Blinds 1 Roman Blinds White
    Roman_Blinds-White 2 White
    Roman_Blinds-Arum 3 Arum
    Roman_Blinds-Warm_White 4 Warm White
    Roman_Blinds-Custom_Cream 5 Custom Cream
    Roman_Blinds-Dune 6 Dune
    Roman_Blinds-Slate 7 Slate
    Roman_Blinds-Black 8 Black
    Roman_Blinds 1
    Roman_Blinds-White 2
    Roman_Blinds-Arum 3
    Roman_Blinds-Warm_White 4
    Roman_Blinds-Custom_Cream 5
    Roman_Blinds-Dune 6
    Roman_Blinds-Slate 7
    Roman_Blinds-Black 8

    Roman Blinds

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    Roman Blinds are soft fabric blinds that fold into pleats when raised. They are available in choices of styles to suit all tastes.
    Roman Blinds are ideal throughout the home but they are particularly suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges because of the soft look the fabric creates.


    Floorworld offers a range of modern and up to date designs, colours and fabrics. Range consists of Roman blinds, Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds , Panel Blinds and Outdoor Blinds.

    All rooms

    Modern, durable and stylish blinds up - to - date colours and fabrics. Manufactured in Australia.