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    With its wide range of colours, designs, timber styles and effects, it's no wonder that laminate is a popular flooring choice in Australian homes. It gives you the look of other flooring styles, such as ceramic, wood and marble with a much lower price tag.

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    Everything you need to know about laminate floors

    Once seen as a cheap solution for DIYers, with the finish quality to match, laminates have become popular in Australian homes for their look and durability over a long lifespan.  Unfortunately, the way we still think about laminates comes from these early days, even though much has changed. If looks are important to you, laminate flooring will look more realistic than vinyl, but both have luxury options that can make your space look stylish. Nowadays, laminates and hybrids are seen as one of the best choices for young families, renovators and first-home builders needing a durable floor with a timber look.

    Laminate flooring’s moisture and stain-resistant surface make cleaning spills easy. Laminate flooring is sold in various wood, stone, and tile finishes. These are available in different colours, surface treatments, thicknesses, and plank styles. Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity because it is easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It costs less and requires less skill to install than alternative flooring materials. It is reasonably durable, hygienic, and relatively easy to maintain. Laminate is a strong, scratch-resistant, and highly durable flooring surface.


    How realistic is the timber look for laminates?

    Almost indistinguishable. In the past, texture and imaging were used to achieve the timber look; modern laminates have variations in finish, bevel, and treatment, as texture and imaging to achieve a realistic look, no matter what floor style you’re after. Using the latest flooring technologies, laminate floors are now produced to such high quality that they can replicate the look of hardwood floors or natural stone to the point where it’s very difficult to tell the difference. The quality and low repeatability of laminate flooring available in Australian species is unrivalled.  Laminate flooring brings practicality and style to any home or office space. 

    Do laminate floors wear?

    Apart from the look, laminate innovation has impacted how floors will wear. With a pressed timber core, topped with the laminate image and wear layers, early laminates were susceptible to cupping (where edges rise where they meet) and other effects from changes within the core over time. Because of this, while original laminates were visually more appealing than their vinyl cousins, they could not be used in wet areas of the house, like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, because their wood particle components were susceptible to moisture, swelling and drying. Laminate flooring easily handles heavy foot traffic areas and has indentation and scratch resistance, which means it can suit the hectic lifestyle of young families.

    Finally, laminate flooring is a little greener than its vinyl counterpart; if this is important to you, its core is made up of wooden materials, and some manufacturers have recycled content products. But be aware that the wear layer is still a plastic surface layer. It’s not as environmentally friendly as engineered timber, but with 90% wood content, it’s got the leg up on the vinyl. Discover amazing flooring sales and promotions at Floorworld! Visit a store near you to explore various flooring options and transform your space with style and quality.

    Not sure if laminate is the right choice for you?

    The biggest brands, including Premium Floors, Quickstep, Clever Choice and Godfrey Hirst make Floorworld’s laminate flooring range. Pop into a Floorworld store today, where you’ll get the best advice from our flooring specialists, who can help you choose the right flooring for your needs, organise installation and recommend the appropriate subfloor for your flooring choice. At Floorworld stores, we provide complimentary measure and quote services, ensuring accurate estimates for your flooring needs. Additionally, explore our wide range with free samples, allowing you to make informed and confident choices for your space.

    Floorworld staff are highly passionate and are trained to assist you with all your flooring needs. With great knowledge of our extensive range, they’ll make it easy to choose the right type of floor for your space. Please look at our range of laminate flooring up close and find your nearest Floorworld store here.