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What’s inside?

With the pandemic forcing people to remain indoors, people had to find ways to carry on their usual activities to some extent within the confines of their homes. For this, their living spaces had to perform a dual function: schools, offices and even gyms! 

Previously homeowners found most flooring installation tricky and left it to the professionals hired to source and install. However, now, there are many online DIY flooring products and instructions for people to research on their own time and become more confident in the DIY process.


Pros and cons of DIY flooring

For some, a DIY flooring installation seems an exciting challenge. Others wouldn’t entertain the idea for a second. There are pros and cons to both approaches. 

Closeup of man laying down new flooring

- Reduced costs 

- DIY saves you from trying to find the best installer 

- You like the challenge of a project 

- You can DIY in your own time 


While it might seem cheaper to install your flooring yourself, costs can easily blow out if you don’t factor in the following

- A problematic subfloor 

- Cost of tools and extraneous materials 

- Time

- Potential to void warranty 

- Waste removal

- Frustration at lack of knowledge

Read on for suggestions on the flooring best suited to DIY, plus some tips and tricks to help you do your best job possible.


Easy products for DIY enthusiasts 

Innovation with new design systems, such as click systems, has significantly changed the DIY arena for hard flooring. Easy-to-peel-and-stick carpet tiles are another popular DIY flooring option. Read more to find out the best timber, carpet, hybrid, vinyl or laminate products for your next DIY project.

Office with Timber Floor

Best timber floating floors for DIY

The engineered timber flooring in floating timber floors can make it hard to go wrong during a DIY installation. 

Each piece of floorboard locks into another with a click system, meaning no nailing or gluing is involved.

Floating timber floors can be easily laid over existing flooring, like concrete or compressed fibreboard (provided the concrete or fibreboard is level and without cracks). 

Floorworld stocks an extensive range of elegant pre-finished timber floors in a variety of timber types and colours. Full range of timber flooring.

Living Room with Grey Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring for durable DIY options

With a similar appearance to timber floating floors, laminate flooring is manufactured with a layered construction using numerous layers pressed together, creating a wood-look floor. Follow the link to learn everything about Laminate Flooring.

Another plus to laminate planks is that the foam underlay required beneath it can help mask issues with an imperfect subfloor before your flooring goes over the entire floor. 

Floorworld stocks a wide range of durable, scratch and stain-resistant laminate planks in varying colours and designs. 



Carpet Tiles in Office Commercial

Carpet tiles for easy, affordable DIY floors

Carpet tiles are perhaps the best option available in DIY flooring. Regular broadloom carpets with large rolls that require padding under them and need to be stretched, etc., should still be left for the pros. However, if you have an area in your home you'd wish to soften up and cool down on your own, carpet tiles are the best option available. There are endless options, from budget-friendly to top-of-the-line luxurious options. See the full range of Carpet Tiles.

Anyone with some minor DIY ability can install carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have a peel-and-stick backing or are glued down with double-sided carpet tape or tabs. They can be taped on the underside to stay together if you wish to float them. Cutting them to suit is additionally accessible.

Floorworld stocks a range of easy-to-install carpet tiles from the best brands. While most often used in commercial spaces, carpet tiles can certainly be suitable for residential properties. With such a wide variety of colours and patterns available, you can easily achieve a homely look. See more to choose the right carpet for your home.

Modern Kitchen with Sheet Vinyl Flooring


Sheet vinyl (floating) for easy DIY floors

Floating sheet vinyl doesn’t need to be glued to the subfloor, so like with the other floating floors, glue and staples won’t necessarily be required.

Floorworld offers a range of easy-to-maintain and comfortable-to-walk-on vinyl flooring. See our full range of Sheet Vinyl.





Vinyl tiles in bathroom

Best vinyl tiles/planks for DIY floors

Another excellent DIY flooring option is vinyl tiles if you want to add quick accents to a space or give your house a fast makeover. These tiles can be used in any room or floor level of your house. You may often find them already installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms in most homes. Recent years have caused a revival of designs that include beautiful accent tiles and wood-look vinyl planks. 

Vinyl tiles or planks are a better DIY option than vinyl sheeting. You don’t have to worry about cutting the wrong-size sheet, and you can buy a few extra tiles or planks, so you’re covered if mistakes occur. Vinyl tiles and planks work well in bathrooms and laundries as they are waterproof and don’t require moisture-proof sealers. They are also great in other high-traffic areas of the home, like the kitchen, living, and dining areas. 

Floorworld stocks a variety of vinyl tiles and planks from some of the top brands. See the full range of Vinyl.


Office with Pink Walls and Hybrid Flooring


Hybrid flooring for beautiful DIY floors

Similarly to floating timber floors, certain hybrid floors use a locking install method. 

Hybrid floors can be laid anywhere in the home, from bedrooms and hallways to bathrooms and laundries (they are 100% waterproof when properly installed and maintained). 

Hybrids are a great way to get a consistent floor plan in the house, creating a more expansive feel. Read on to find out more about Hybrid Flooring and its benefits.

See the full range of hybrid flooring and learn how we can help you choose the right product for your home.




How Floorworld can help 

  • Floorworld can organise flooring installation for you through our network of experienced and trusted tradespeople. Click here for a free measure and quote.

  • If you want to proceed with a DIY installation, we’re also more than happy to recommend suitable products and answer any questions you might have. Leave a message, and we will contact you with more details.

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