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A lot has changed since we were kids. If you ever copped a good carpet burn to the knees you’ll remember how tough a standard loop pile carpet used to be. But it isn’t only flooring technology and aesthetic trends that have evolved.


Residential architecture has come a long way in connecting the indoors and the outdoors. With seamless spatial planning, there’s a blurring of boundaries often only defined by the closing of a bi-fold door. This smooth transition calls for a flooring choice that isn’t too abrupt, and can withstand the aftermath and residue of whatever foot traffic’s coming in.


Apartment Living

As our population grows, and the migration to major metropolitan areas continues, more young families are opting for apartment living. Whether motivated by proximity to work, a lower purchase cost, or simply a lifestyle choice, family units are prioritising in ways we never used to consider.


If the choice to live in an apartment brings you and your family closer to inner city life, schools, and work, that doesn’t mean you have to worry about being restricted in
your home. A common concern for families is the noise factor, but with the right flooring selection it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.


The remedy for this may be as simple as thick carpeting. Whether it’s a rug or a full installation, it’ll soften some of the noise. Vinyl hybrid flooring and modern acoustic underlays can also dampen sound and make great surfaces for young families.

Open Plan Living

Gone are the days of the ‘formal dining room.’ ‘The study’ is now a fully integrated home office. The kitchen is a seamless extension of the living and dining space. Why? Because now we understand the value of communal spaces. We want to be close to our families and our guests. We want to be able to cook while the kids do their homework, or have our friends sit up at the bar with a wine while we get the dips sorted.


We all know an open plan kitchen is the number one value-adding asset to any home renovation. But it’s not only the sense of coming together that’s appealing. It’s the feeling of increased space and natural light that comes with an open plan.


So when thinking about your open plan layout, consider a flooring selection that can run seamlessly throughout the adjoining spaces. Also consider the most appropriate choice for both the use and aesthetics of these zones as a single space.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The traditional Aussie backyard wasn’t always a space for the BBQ and a Slip-n-Slide. But the produce gardens, workshops and livestock that used to sustain the family have gone, and the backyard has become a space for leisure and relaxation. We’ve moved on to the outdoor deck extension, and the in-ground pool.


Entertainment is now key to our home-living experience, and the humble BBQ has morphed into the full blown outdoor kitchen. And since Australia’s weather is more enjoyable comparatively than most other nations living in the extremes of climate, we’ve invited the outside in.