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The latest innovation in flooring, Floorworld now stocks a hybrid flooring range. Combining the rigidness of vinyl with the durability of laminate, hybrid flooring gives the best of both worlds. Hybrid floors are very hardy and durable, and because they are waterproof, they are suitable for use in any room of the house.  Visit our stores located in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Hobart and Adelaide and across Australia.

Our Hybrid Brands

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Quick-Step hybrid vinyl sets itself apart with its truly authentic designs, feature-rich textures and true-to-nature aesthetics. Meticulously designed and produced in Belgium, pulse hybrid floors will bring style and authenticity to any interior.

Pegulan Fusion solid-core technology hybrid, combining the advantages of laminate, timber and vinyl plank
into one. It's practical and looks great, making it the ideal solution for the modern home.

Titan Hybrid is equally magnificent in a smaller, narrower format than Titan XXL. This range of carefully chosen designs, rigorously tested for durability, will stay beautiful for years to come.

The Clever Choice range of hybrid flooring continues our commitment to supply innovative, high quality, value for money, floor coverings to the Australian market.

Exclusive to Floorworld the Australiana Collection from Godfrey Hirst and Airstep exhibits distinctive designs to suit your unique style. The range showcases vinyl plank flooring and the NEW Hybrid collection.

Hybrid flooring from Godfrey Hirst can withstand the harshest of Australian climatic heat, cold and water, making it ideal for use right across the country.

Signature hybrid flooring solutions that will perform under the most demanding Australian conditions are water proof, family proof and extremely durable. These stylish luxury floors perform brilliantly making them the perfect foundation for contemporary living.

Hybrid flooring is a combination of the best technical qualities of vinyl and laminate flooring to create a solution that is beautiful and elegant, functional and long-lasting.This innovative flooring allows you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of a natural timber floor minus the maintenance and high costs that come with it. With a huge range of options available, hybrid flooring looks attractive and can become a distinctive feature of any room.


Hybrid floors are built from pressing together multiple layers of water-resistant and scratch-proof materials to make it visually stunning and built to last.

· The topmost layer is a specially treated layer making hybrid flooring durable with scratch and stain proof properties.

· A beautifully designed decorative layer that can match and mimic elegant textures of natural timber.

· An innovative rigid inner core layer allows the floor to remain stable against extreme fluctuations in temperature, water, or direct heat (underfloor heating or north-facing windows).

· Finally, an acoustic backing underneath the core, helps dampen sound.


Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

One of the key advantages of hybrid flooring is that it is 100% waterproof*. Therefore, hybrid flooring is best suited for areas that are subjected to a high probability of moisture and traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, dining rooms and entryways and commercial applications.


Hybrid flooring can be easily installed over an existing floor. It’s tongue and groove locking technology makes installation DIY friendly and a low-cost flooring solution.


Is durability your main concern when choosing a flooring type?

The innovative rigid core technology can withstand anything your pets, kids and even nature can come up with.It requires low maintenance and stays beautiful and elegant for a very long time.

When certain flooring types face the risk of expanding or shrinking under harsh weather conditions, hybrid flooring is designed to maintain its integrity and does not swell, buckle, or lose integrity.

Designed to resemble traditional hardwood in every way there is always a large range of beautiful, natural timber look tones and styles to choose from.


Hybrid flooring's acoustic underlay helps produce solid steps without the hollow sound when walked on while providing a cushioned and comfortable walking surface. Made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC hybrid flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring solutions available.


Are hybrid floors the right choice for me?

Pop into a Floorworld store today and let us help you with the right advice to choose the flooring that best meets your needs, style, and budget.

We can also help you make sure your subfloor is ready to go and have your flooring professionally installed thanks to our network of professional tradespeople. When it comes to choosing the right floor, Floorworld has you covered. Our stores exist in all major cities in Australia, Major stores are in and near Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Devonport, Cairns, Canberra, Gold Coast and Bunbury. Find your nearest Floorworld here.


*Subject to proper installation and maintenance.

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