Taking on Australia’s Toughest Cancers

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Floorworld and their supplier partners are taking on Australia’s toughest cancers. This November, we ask you to help us put the spotlight on these cancers by raising awareness and much needed funds so we can make progress in the fight against these horrible diseases.

Cancer Blog
Sunday 1 November officially marks the beginning of both Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Stomach Cancer Awareness Months.

Collectively this year, over 11,000 Australians will be diagnosed with an upper gastrointestinal (pancreatic, liver, stomach, biliary and oesophageal) cancer. Sadly, the majority of those diagnosed, will not live beyond five-years. In fact, these cancers have some of the lowest survival rates on record in Australia.

In partnership with Pancare Foundation, Australia’s leading not-for-profit pancreatic cancer organisation, we’re shining the spotlight on these cancers by raising awareness and much needed funds through your purchases in-store, to support patients and ongoing research.

Purchase of any of the following products - Airstep Flooring underlay, Imagine Flooring vinyl and laminate flooring,  the Australian Select Timbers ranges, Clever Choice hybrid flooring, Beaulieu carpets and the Australiana flooring range by Godfrey Hirst during November and Floorworld in partnership with these supporting suppliers will donate a proportion of their sales to Pancare.

 We thank them for their commitment to help in the fight against Australia’s toughest cancers.

To learn more about symptoms and risk factors, or to donate to Pancare Foundation, visit www.pancare.org.au