7 Flooring Trends for 2024 Inspired by the Real World

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Your home is not just a structure; it's a canvas for your self-expression. Your choice of flooring plays a pivotal role in shaping your space. As we embrace the future in 2024 and beyond, let's embark on a journey through the dynamic world of residential flooring trends. These trends not only redefine the aesthetics but also add functional value to your living space. So, let's step forward and explore the trends that will sculpt the character of your home, all while drawing inspiration from remarkable examples.


1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Flooring

Let's commence with a trend that transcends mere appearances – sustainability. Eco-conscious homeowners will find solace in the rise of sustainable and eco-friendly flooring options. These floors are not only visually appealing but also eco-responsible. Materials like Bamboo and recycled elements pave the way for a greener footprint.

Inspiration: The Edge in Amsterdam is an office building that leads the way with floors crafted from recycled materials, including discarded fishing netsedge-stadium-amsterdam-design

2. Bold Patterns and Colors

In 2024, your home's floor is your canvas for artistic expression. The trend of embracing bold patterns and vibrant hues allows you to transform your living space into an artistic masterpiece. This boldness is exemplified in new carpet tile designs. 

Inspiration: The Vessel in New York City's Hudson Yards features an array of visually striking patterns, creating an artistic dimension within its structure.

The Vessel

3. Waterproof and Durable Flooring


With a focus on the future seek flooring where style meets resilience. The waterproof and durable Hybrid and Laminate flooring range is constantly updated with the newest technology for both form and function. They offer an elegant solution to inevitable accidents, heavy foot traffic, and spills, making them both functional and beautiful.


4. Minimalist and Industrial Finishes


Simplicity reigns supreme in the world of interior design. Minimalist and industrial finishes bring forth clean lines and uncluttered spaces through the use of sleek timber and concrete. These finishes showcase the raw beauty of materials, making your home open and spacious.

Inspiration: The Tate Modern in London exemplifies this trend with exposed brick walls and polished concrete floors, creating a sleek, modern ambience.


5. Mixed Materials


In 2024, flooring design is all about juxtaposition. Combining diverse materials, such as glass, wood, and concrete, creates an intricate interplay of textures and colours, resulting in a harmonious design.

Inspiration: The Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino, California beautifully blends glass, wood, and concrete, creating a symphony of materials.


6. Natural Wood and Wood-Looking Flooring


The timeless appeal of natural Timber is everlasting. Its warmth and authenticity are unbeatable. For those who desire the classic wood look with lower maintenance, the Hybrid and Laminate range offers an ideal solution.

Inspiration: The Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto showcases the authenticity of natural wood in its guest rooms.

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

7. Biophilic Design


In an age where nature and urban living coalesce, biophilic design emerges as a pivotal trend. We have previously touched on this in a previous blog post but essentially there is more demand than ever to have aspects of the outdoors within your home. Something that is exemplified in the design of the Amazon Spheres. 


2024 holds a promise of innovation in flooring. These trends embody more than just visual aesthetics; they reflect our values and lifestyles. Whether you are an eco-warrior, an art enthusiast, or someone who values practicality and classic charm, there's a flooring trend waiting to transform your space. Your floor is your canvas for self-expression, reflecting your personality and style. As you step into the world of flooring trends, may your floors speak volumes about the essence of your living space. Happy flooring, and may each step be a stylish one!




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