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Bamboo is considered the most sustainable material, as bamboo trees are the fastest growing trees in the world. Its sustainability, durability and stylish nature make it popular among home owners and architects. It is scratch resistant, sustainable and easy to install. Bamboo flooring has the strength and flexibility and is perfect for high usage spaces like kitchens, living rooms and hall ways.This is the most environmentally friendly floor, the processing of this wood does not leave much waste and creates an attractive floor. It goes through 6 stages of manufacturing which includes milling, boiling, carbonisation, drying, manufacturing and finishing making it highly durable. 

Don't settle for cheap imitation of bamboo flooring, choose the strongest, most resilient range available today at Floorworld. It may be hard for the average customer to spot the difference between copies and authentic flooring, but you can rest assured that at Floorworld, you will never have to worry about it. The experts at Floorworld can even help you tell the difference if you have previously purchased bamboo flooring and unsure on the authenticity of it

As a renewable resource that provides stability and durability, bamboo has become a preferred option in hard flooring. With over 9 years of dedicated research of techniques and applications, Floorworld now provides customers with the most innovative, ecofriendly and stable bamboo floors available in Australia with the support from their suppliers. Floorworld's range of prefinished floors from Embelton and Cleverchoice offers the best manufacturing processes and coatings.

Maintain your floor by using area rugs or runners in heavy traffic areas, use felt protectors under heavy furniture. Use a dry mop quickly to soak and spill, avoid using steam mops. Oil soaps, ammonia or other household products may affect the coating and should be avoided. If you want to re-coat or repair use any scratch covers available in market or just use nail polish. Bamboo flooring can be re-coated to restore its original finish and sanding is not encouraged these floors

For more information about how to maintain and clean your bamboo floor, visit the cleaning and maintenance section of our website. Clever choice and Embelton bamboo floors both come with 10 to 25 years warranty. Please check warranties section or request us for a warranty brochure.  Contact your local Floorworld experts today and we will help you find the perfect solution for your home or office. We have 33 stores in Melbourne, Regional Victoria, New South Wales, Sydney and Tasmania, Hobart & Brisbane find your nearest Floorworld store on the website.

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