5 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Flooring

Aug 31, 2021



Depending on your lifestyle, your home and your style, several factors will influence your flooring purchase decision. Considering the required location of the flooring, the durability requirements, and the price are all important initial decisions. The aesthetics and style of your home are also important to consider, regardless of whether you are building a brand new home, renovating your existing home or refreshing your style. Finally, deciding on the maintenance you want to commit to with your flooring is an important consideration, all of which we outline below.


Different rooms in your home will require different types of flooring. Carpet is often popular for lower-traffic areas and is frequently used in living spaces and bedrooms to create softness and warmth. Laminate, vinyl and timber flooring are often more appropriate for high-traffic areas such as living spaces, kitchens and hallways due to their durability. An important option to consider is that rugs can always be utilised on top of vinyl or laminate floors to provide additional softness, reducing echo in your home. Ultimately, considering the planned use of the room when choosing the flooring for a space is important.


Durability is an important factor that can influence several factors. The quality of your flooring can be directly related to durability which will determine the life of your flooring. As a homeowner, you want to ensure your floors last for years to come and that your flooring is cost-effective. Vinyl, laminate and hybrid are durable flooring choices, which are specifically manufactured to last the test of time with minimal impact from heavy foot traffic. Carpet is also available in a range of styles, with different types being more appropriate for different spaces in the home. We recommend speaking with one of our flooring experts to see what suits your home best.


Aesthetics & Style

Your floor's appearance shouldn't be an afterthought. While selecting flooring that is functional for your space is important, finding the best looking product to suit your style is equally important. Vinyl is suitable for many areas of the home and comes in a variety of colours, patterns and styles to suit kitchens, bathrooms and living areas in your home. Laminate, hybrid and vinyl are excellent options to replicate timber flooring styles to suit other aspects of your home, such as cabinetry or furniture, at a lower price point. Carpet is also available in a range of styles and colours to complement your existing colour palette or to be the focal point of the room.


Budget for your flooring is an important consideration when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for your home. With the wide range of flooring styles available, you should not have any trouble finding something that suits your home, lifestyle and budget. Selecting the right flooring can also increase the value of your home and extend the life of your flooring by years. Laminate, hybrid and vinyl flooring offers an alternative to timber flooring, with many similar styles available at a lower price point. Carpet can also be a cost-effective option, with a range of styles to suit a variety of budgets. Timber flooring is often more expensive than other flooring options, however, it can last for decades to come and increase the value of your home significantly. Consider consulting with one of our flooring experts to decide what is best for you.


We recommend considering the ongoing maintenance of your flooring choice, to ensure that your flooring lasts the test of time after being installed. Timber floors often need to be refinished every decade depending on the foot traffic but are easy to clean once they are installed and sealed. Laminate, vinyl and hybrid flooring are either water-resistant or waterproof and can be cleaned easily and last many years with the correct routine care. Depending on which carpet you choose will depend on your care routine, with particular carpets being suited to young families or pets as they are easy to clean or plush carpet that may require regular cleaning. Consider your lifestyle to assist in determining the correct flooring for your home.

With a little bit of thought and expert knowledge, you can completely update your interior. Whether you're looking for modern chic or something a bit more traditional, updating your flooring can make life more comfortable.

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