Hickory Impressions Classique

    Hickory_Impressions-Classique 1 Hickory Impressions Classique Danehill
    Classique-Saintly 2 Saintly
    Classique-Danehill 3 Danehill
    Classique-Todman 4 Todman
    Classique-Winx 5 Winx
    Classique-Archer 6 Archer
    Classique-Carbine 7 Carbine
    Classique-Bernborough 8 Bernborough
    Classique-Kingston 9 Kingston
    Classique-Black_Caviar 10 Black Caviar
    Hickory_Impressions-Classique 1
    Classique-Saintly 2
    Classique-Danehill 3
    Classique-Todman 4
    Classique-Winx 5
    Classique-Archer 6
    Classique-Carbine 7
    Classique-Bernborough 8
    Classique-Kingston 9
    Classique-Black_Caviar 10

    Hickory Impressions Classique

    BRAND Australian Select Timbers


    STYLE Matte

    Hickory Impressions Classique is hardened by nature and will withstand the rigours of today’s busy lifestyles. With similar texture as European Oak and unique colours, plus high stability and durability, Hickory Impressions Classique ticks all the boxes.


    20 Year Wear Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty Domestic Use                  

    10 Year Commercial Warranty 

    GrandOak uses the proven superior method of a multi ply hardwood core, this unique assembling method creates a product more stable than that of a three ply construction. Multi ply construction is made up of multiple thin hardwood sheets that are arranged, glued and pressed with the grain running at right angles to the adjacent sheet. The more layers, used the superior the product. Creating a structurally stable board, and resulting in a product that is less susceptible to water ingression. Being engineered, the need for top nailing as in traditional wide board timbers is no longer required due to its stable construction.

    Dining areas

    Living areas



    1900mm x 190mm x 12mm

    UV Lacquer

    Wire Brushed

    Matte Finish

    Engineered Timber Flooring

    An engineered timber floor is a 100% timber flooring product, but with all the benefits of modern technology. If you’re after a true timber floor, but want the practicality of modern techniques, then understanding what’s possible in an engineered timber floor is a great place to start.

    Put simply, an engineered timber floor has a true timber top layer in your specified species, supported by plantation timber core materials. Depending on the floor this core might be a different kind of hardwood, or a plywood. What this means, is that you still get the timber you’re after, with a much more stable structure. One downfall of traditional solid flooring is that the grain ends aligned in one direction.

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