Clever Hybrid XL 6mm

XL 1 XL NSW Blackbutt
XL-Florence 2 Florence
XL-Milan 3 Milan
XL-Athens 4 Athens
XL-Cannes 5 Cannes
XL-Berlin 6 Berlin
XL-Prague 7 Prague
XL-NSW_Blackbutt 8 NSW Blackbutt
XL-NSW_Spotted_Gum 9 NSW Spotted Gum
XL-Barcelona 10 Barcelona
XL-Paris 11 Paris
XL-Venice 12 Venice
XL-Vienna 13 Vienna
XL-Kande_Oak 14 Kande Oak
XL-Budapest 15 Budapest
XL-Dublin 16 Dublin
XL 1
XL-Florence 2
XL-Milan 3
XL-Athens 4
XL-Cannes 5
XL-Berlin 6
XL-Prague 7
XL-NSW_Blackbutt 8
XL-NSW_Spotted_Gum 9
XL-Barcelona 10
XL-Paris 11
XL-Venice 12
XL-Vienna 13
XL-Kande_Oak 14
XL-Budapest 15
XL-Dublin 16

Clever Hybrid XL 6mm

BRAND Clever Choice

TYPE Hybrid


Featuring 15 design on trend colours and fashionable timber decors, Clever Choice SPC XL is strong, stable and durable with easy care and low maintenance. It is 100% waterproof surface, with boards a generous 230 x 1520 x 6mm.


25 Year Residential Warranty 

The Clever Choice range of Hybrid flooring continues our commitment to supply innovative, high quality, value for money, floor coverings to the Australian market. Clever Hybrid SPC is a stone and plastic composite product engineered for superior durability, water resistance, reliability and peace of mind and everyday living. 

Suitable for all areas of the home and office 

Superior dimensional stability due to a high density extruded core
Scratch and UV resistant surface layer for long lasting wear
Acoustic thermal underlay base for comfort, warmth and noise reduction
Easy installation with score and snap planks
100* waterproof core and surface layer
Easy care and cleaning. No need for steam mop
Suitable for all areas of home and office
Superior installation design with click lock strength 1.5 times greater than industry standard

*Sustained exposure to water may cause subfloor mould and mildew to grow. This is not due to failure of the product and is not covered by the product warranty. Clever Choice provides care and maintenance guides for their hybrid products. Product not designed for cleaning with steam mops.

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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