Quattro 1 Quattro Sherwood Oak
    Quattro-Argento 2 Argento
    Quattro-Styx_Oak 3 Styx Oak
    Quattro-New_England_Blackbutt 4 New England Blackbutt
    Quattro-Natural 5 Natural
    Quattro-Malley_Spotted_Gum 6 Malley Spotted Gum
    Quattro-Bristle_Oak 7 Bristle Oak
    Quattro-Brown_Stringybark 8 Brown Stringybark
    Quattro-Urban_Grey 9 Urban Grey
    Quattro-Talla_Oak 10 Talla Oak
    Quattro-Sherwood_Oak 11 Sherwood Oak
    Quattro 1
    Quattro-Argento 2
    Quattro-Styx_Oak 3
    Quattro-New_England_Blackbutt 4
    Quattro-Natural 5
    Quattro-Malley_Spotted_Gum 6
    Quattro-Bristle_Oak 7
    Quattro-Brown_Stringybark 8
    Quattro-Urban_Grey 9
    Quattro-Talla_Oak 10
    Quattro-Sherwood_Oak 11


    BRAND Signature

    TYPE Hybrid


    Signature Quattro hybrid is extra heavy duty and exceptionally resistant to heavy foot traffic, indents and scuffs. The decorative layer is a true-to-life look and feel of premium timber. Extra dense planks are free from harmful content, water-proof, extra stable and extra sound absorbent. The built-in underlay is added for added acoustic performance and installation.


    Lifetime Residential Warranty
    15 year Commercial Warranty

    Signature Quattro oaks, Aussie species and tiles is an outstanding quality hybrid flooring built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Living Room
    Rumpus Room

    Suitable in rooms with floor to ceiling windows
    Water-proof (can be installed in bathrooms)
    Suitable to be laid over tiles
    Core is free of harmful content & plasticisers
    Can be wet & steam mopped
    Sound absorbent - BCA Acoustic Compliant

    For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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