Salisbury 1 Salisbury Monument
Salisbury-Druid_Stone 2 Druid Stone
Salisbury-Ancient 3 Ancient
Salisbury-Neolithic 4 Neolithic
Salisbury-Solstice 5 Solstice
Salisbury-Stone_Lintel 6 Stone Lintel
Salisbury-Ritual 7 Ritual
Salisbury-Monument 8 Monument
Salisbury 1
Salisbury-Druid_Stone 2
Salisbury-Ancient 3
Salisbury-Neolithic 4
Salisbury-Solstice 5
Salisbury-Stone_Lintel 6
Salisbury-Ritual 7
Salisbury-Monument 8


BRAND Feltex


STYLE Loop Pile

A chunky wool carpet that complements today’s rustic and handcrafted decorator styling, Salisbury is available in seven classic neutrals in the ancient hues of the stone age. Soft and texturally pleasing underfoot, this high low loop pile will add contrast to a range of interior design finishes and furnishings.


15 Year Wool Limited

For lovers of natural and renewable fibres, wool carpet is high quality, warm, luxurious and durable making it ideal for family homes. It is hard-wearing, naturally stain resistant and comes in a range of colours.

Living areas
Dining areas

The unique fibre structure makes it strong, hard-wearing and naturally stain resistant. Wool carpets absorb noise, are naturally flame resistant and and cool in summer. The insulation properties keep your home warm in winter. Wool fibres are 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.

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