Beechworth II

Beechworth-II 1 Beechworth II Country Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Neutral_Blackbutt 2 Neutral Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Sandy_Blackbutt 3 Sandy Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Natural_Spotted_Gum 4 Natural Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II-Country_Blackbutt 5 Country Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Riverine_Spotted_Gum 6 Riverine Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II-Golden_Blackbutt 7 Golden Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Enriched_Blackbutt 8 Enriched Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Silvery_Blackbutt 9 Silvery Blackbutt
Beechworth-II-Shale_Spotted_Gum 10 Shale Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II-Burnished_Spotted_Gum 11 Burnished Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II-Amber_Spotted_Gum 12 Amber Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II-Black_Rock_Spotted_Gum 13 Black Rock Spotted Gum
Beechworth-II 1
Beechworth-II-Neutral_Blackbutt 2
Beechworth-II-Sandy_Blackbutt 3
Beechworth-II-Natural_Spotted_Gum 4
Beechworth-II-Country_Blackbutt 5
Beechworth-II-Riverine_Spotted_Gum 6
Beechworth-II-Golden_Blackbutt 7
Beechworth-II-Enriched_Blackbutt 8
Beechworth-II-Silvery_Blackbutt 9
Beechworth-II-Shale_Spotted_Gum 10
Beechworth-II-Burnished_Spotted_Gum 11
Beechworth-II-Amber_Spotted_Gum 12
Beechworth-II-Black_Rock_Spotted_Gum 13

Beechworth II

BRAND Godfrey Hirst

TYPE Hybrid


The Beechworth II range comprises homegrown wood species Blackbutt and Spotted Gum in a stunning, longboard Plank - 1830x152x6.5mm, bringing a distinct Australian look to the floor. Each design is available in six unique shades to suit your home interior style. With the astonishing durability and waterproof^ properties of Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring, Beechworth II is ideal for all areas of a busy home.        ^Subject to proper installation and maintenance.


25 Year Residential Warranty
15 Year Commercial Warranty

The Australiana Collection of the NEW advanced Hybrid category of flooring by Godfrey Hirst, is the next generation in high performance flooring. The Beechworth range contains cutting edge TrigonTM Core Technology, an evolution in flooring that has the visual appeal of timber and combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl to produce a product that is a game changer.

Beechworth flooring range can withstand the harshest of Australian climatic heat, cold and water making it ideal for use right across the country. TrigonTM Core Technology displays astonishing stability in the most extreme climates, handling rapid temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction.


Acoustic performance :

25 year warrantyGreen tagwaterproof badgewear leyerMatte finishMincro bevel edge


Living room
Children's play areas

The properties of Beechworth II make it a Waterproof Surface^, so it is perfect for wet mopping and can be installed in wet areas. A 1.5mm EVA underlay and 0.5mm wear layer protect the surface of your vinyl plank flooring from everyday wear and tear. Limestone composite core board with up to 80% limestone and 20% vinyl powder. Resulting in a stable core that has minimal expansion and contraction. Features our trusted 'UNIPUSH' locking system.

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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