Life TX

Life-TX 1 Life TX Legacy Oak Sand
Life-TX-Catera_Middle_Grey 2 Catera Middle Grey
Life-TX-Almeria_Fawn 3 Almeria Fawn
Life-TX-Ancares_Herringbone_Grege 4 Ancares Herringbone Grege
Life-TX-Prestige_Oak_Smoke 5 Prestige Oak Smoke
Life-TX-Legacy_Oak_Sand 6 Legacy Oak Sand
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Light 7 Noce Classico Light
Life-TX-Winter_Pine_Smoke 8 Winter Pine Smoke
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Soft_Beige 9 Fumed Oak Soft Beige
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Beige 10 Noce Classico Beige
Life-TX-Gea_Natural 11 Gea Natural
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Natural_Beige 12 Fumed Oak Natural Beige
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Warm_Grey 13 Fumed Oak Warm Grey
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Grey_Brown 14 Noce Classico Grey Brown
Life-TX 1
Life-TX-Catera_Middle_Grey 2
Life-TX-Almeria_Fawn 3
Life-TX-Ancares_Herringbone_Grege 4
Life-TX-Prestige_Oak_Smoke 5
Life-TX-Legacy_Oak_Sand 6
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Light 7
Life-TX-Winter_Pine_Smoke 8
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Soft_Beige 9
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Beige 10
Life-TX-Gea_Natural 11
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Natural_Beige 12
Life-TX-Fumed_Oak_Warm_Grey 13
Life-TX-Noce_Classico_Grey_Brown 14

Life TX

BRAND Pegulan

TYPE Vinyl


Sheet Vinyl

With an extra tough Extreme surface the Life TX range of Pegulan Vinyls is tops when it comes to performance carrying a 20 year wear warranty. Plus this range includes the “TX” felt backing, which means faster and easier installation.


20 year wear warranty

Vinyl flooring can bring stylish designs and practicality to any room. Vinyl flooring is readily available in planks, sheets or tiles and you can also use this to create your own individual designs.

High traffic rooms

Living areas

Dining areas

Children's play area



Vinyl is an easy-to-maintain surface, which is comfortable under foot and suitable for many domestic and commercial applications. Vinyl plank gives your home a timber look which is highly durable and comes at an economical price.

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