Castlemaine 1 Castlemaine Coolabah Spotted Gum
Castlemaine-Ice_Oak 2 Ice Oak
Castlemaine-Breeze_Oak 3 Breeze Oak
Castlemaine-Manna_Gum 4 Manna Gum
Castlemaine-Swiss_Oak 5 Swiss Oak
Castlemaine-Earl_Oak 6 Earl Oak
Castlemaine-Mountain_Spotted_Gum 7 Mountain Spotted Gum
Castlemaine-Coolabah_Spotted_Gum 8 Coolabah Spotted Gum
Castlemaine-Stringybark_Spotted_Gum 9 Stringybark Spotted Gum
Castlemaine-Ebony_Oak 10 Ebony Oak
Castlemaine-Tiger_Oak 11 Tiger Oak
Castlemaine 1
Castlemaine-Ice_Oak 2
Castlemaine-Breeze_Oak 3
Castlemaine-Manna_Gum 4
Castlemaine-Swiss_Oak 5
Castlemaine-Earl_Oak 6
Castlemaine-Mountain_Spotted_Gum 7
Castlemaine-Coolabah_Spotted_Gum 8
Castlemaine-Stringybark_Spotted_Gum 9
Castlemaine-Ebony_Oak 10
Castlemaine-Tiger_Oak 11


BRAND Signature

TYPE Vinyl Plank


Castlemaine is a 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant vinyl plank flooring solution for busy and active homes. Castlemaine flooring in a herringbone pattern for a look that’s high on style. In fact, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to create spaces with a hint of personality and dimension. Castlemaine is available in 10 stylish references across Aussie species and oak designs.


20 years Residential Warranty

10 years Commercial Warranty

Plank size: 229 x 1524mm

Thickness: 4.5mm

Wear Layer: 0.50mm

High traffic rooms

Living areas

Dining areas

Children's play area


Water Proof

Easy Maintenance

Ultra Durable

Anti Allergy

Pet Friendly

Family Proof

For more information about Vinyl flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:'s-benefits/

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