Dimension 1 Dimension Aquinas
Dimension-Confucius 2 Confucius
Dimension-Blackburn_Spotted_Gum 3 Blackburn Spotted Gum
Dimension-Hume_Spotted_Gum 4 Hume Spotted Gum
Dimension-Locke_Oak 5 Locke Oak
Dimension-Aristotle_Black_Butt 6 Aristotle Black Butt
Dimension-Aquinas 7 Aquinas
Dimension-Marx_Oak 8 Marx Oak
Dimension-Cartwright_Spotted_Gum 9 Cartwright Spotted Gum
Dimension-Kant_Oak 10 Kant Oak
Dimension-Stuart_Mill_Spotted_Gum 11 Stuart Mill Spotted Gum
Dimension 1
Dimension-Confucius 2
Dimension-Blackburn_Spotted_Gum 3
Dimension-Hume_Spotted_Gum 4
Dimension-Locke_Oak 5
Dimension-Aristotle_Black_Butt 6
Dimension-Aquinas 7
Dimension-Marx_Oak 8
Dimension-Cartwright_Spotted_Gum 9
Dimension-Kant_Oak 10
Dimension-Stuart_Mill_Spotted_Gum 11


BRAND Signature

TYPE Hybrid


Signature hybrid flooring solutions that will perform under the most demanding Australian conditions are water proof, family proof and extremely durable. These stylish luxury floors perform brilliantly making them the perfect foundation for contemporary living.


25 Yr Residential, 10 Yr Commercial

Plank Size 228 x 1830mm

Total Thickness 7mm (5.5mm board & 1.50mm backing)

Wear Layer 0.50mm

Wear Layer Treatment Quartz enhanced PUR coating

Surface Natural embossed, true to life oak boards

Edge Design Micro V groove 4 sided

Living areas

Dining areas

Children's play area

Wet areas


• can be laid over ceramic and porcelain tiles

• can be laid over concrete

• can be laid over chipboard and tongue & groove flooring

• existing floors need to adhere to the sub-floor

• existing floor cannot be cushioned

• uneven floors require sub-floor preparation when there is a height variation more than 3mm over 1m*

• sub-floors should be clean and dry

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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