Purity - Timber

Purity-Timber 1 Purity Quinn Oak
Purity-Timber-Cape_Oak 2 Cape Oak
Purity-Timber-Manton_Oak 3 Manton Oak
Purity-Timber-Coral 4 Coral
Purity-Timber-Pacific 5 Pacific
Purity-Timber-Burgundy_Blackbutt 6 Burgundy Blackbutt
Purity-Timber-Kokoda_Oak 7 Kokoda Oak
Purity-Timber-Darebin 8 Darebin
Purity-Timber-Halifax 9 Halifax
Purity-Timber-Avoca_Blackbutt 10 Avoca Blackbutt
Purity-Timber-Kent_Oak 11 Kent Oak
Purity-Timber-Banksia_Blackbutt 12 Banksia Blackbutt
Purity-Timber-Mount_Spotted_Gum 13 Mount Spotted Gum
Purity-Timber-Shelley_Oak 14 Shelley Oak
Purity-Timber-Stradbroke_Oak 15 Stradbroke Oak
Purity-Timber-Park 16 Park
Purity-Timber-Quinn_Oak 17 Quinn_Oak
Purity-Timber 1
Purity-Timber-Cape_Oak 2
Purity-Timber-Manton_Oak 3
Purity-Timber-Coral 4
Purity-Timber-Pacific 5
Purity-Timber-Burgundy_Blackbutt 6
Purity-Timber-Kokoda_Oak 7
Purity-Timber-Darebin 8
Purity-Timber-Halifax 9
Purity-Timber-Avoca_Blackbutt 10
Purity-Timber-Kent_Oak 11
Purity-Timber-Banksia_Blackbutt 12
Purity-Timber-Mount_Spotted_Gum 13
Purity-Timber-Shelley_Oak 14
Purity-Timber-Stradbroke_Oak 15
Purity-Timber-Park 16
Purity-Timber-Quinn_Oak 17

Purity - Timber

BRAND Signature

TYPE Vinyl Plank


Signature’s Purity luxury vinyl planks range is an artistic collection inspired by the Australian landscape. Purity emulates the look  and feel of Aussie species and oak timbers.


20 Year Residential Warranty

Purity is ready to endure the everyday traffic of an active family with children and pets. A robust top layer protects from scratches, stains, and spills - a quick sweep, vacuum, and mop will keep them looking their best.

Adaptability has always been Signature's mantra. As a company that cares for its customers just as much as it cares for the environment, we continually make changes to attain new sustainability goals for our products.

As one of Australia's leading sustainable flooring companies, Signature Floors constantly strives to reduce our carbon footprint to leave a better world for future generations.

All areas including wet areas.

Purity’s premium multi-layer construction adds comfort and softness underfoot, and is compatible with underfloor heating. Being waterproof, Purity can be confidently installed in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries. The range is tested for slip-resistance, providing trusted safety benefits, while maintaining an elegant look and durable feel.

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