Texas - Tile & Stone

Texas-Tile_&_Stone 1 Texas - Tile & Stone Veneziana
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Wander-VTX20826592 2 Wander VTX20826592
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Sorento-VTX2056582 3 Sorento VTX2056582
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Shalimar-VTX20926579 4 Shalimar VTX20926579
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Palermo-VTX5626936 5 Palermo VTX5626936
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Veneziana-VTX20726597 6 Veneziana VTX20726597
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Minos-VTX15726596 7 Minos VTX15726596
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Bari-VTX20026594 8 Bari VTX20026594
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Odin-VTX17026596 9 Odin VTX17026596
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Sorento-VTX2056599 10 Sorento VTX2056599
Texas-Tile_&_Stone 1
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Wander-VTX20826592 2
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Sorento-VTX2056582 3
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Shalimar-VTX20926579 4
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Palermo-VTX5626936 5
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Veneziana-VTX20726597 6
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Minos-VTX15726596 7
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Bari-VTX20026594 8
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Odin-VTX17026596 9
Texas-Tile_&_Stone-Sorento-VTX2056599 10

Texas - Tile & Stone

BRAND Signature

TYPE Sheet Vinyl


Tile and Stone – Texas sheet vinyl from the Signature vinyl collection is an extensive range of quality vinyls. They feature timber, stone and solid colour designs. It’s 2.60mm thickness and Texture Backing is ideal for underfoot softness.


7 years Residential Warranty

thickness :  2.50 0r 2.80mm

width : 4m

wear layer : 0.20 or 0.40mm

slip resistance : R10

backing : textile

installation : east to install

Living areas

Dining areas


Texas has extra weight and cushioning which ensures optimum performance. An affordable quality vinyl with many added features.

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