Nouvelle Acoustic

Nouvelle_Acoustic 1 Feathertop Spotted Gum L
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Moonstone 2 Moonstone
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Limestone 3 Limestone
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Pecan 4 Pecan
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Marcona_Almond 5 Marcona Almond
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Hickory_Natural 6 Hickory Natural
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Honey_Spotted_Gum 7 Honey Spotted Gum
Nouvelle_Acoustic-New_England_Blackbutt 8 New England Blackbutt
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Feathertop_Spotted_Gum 9 Feathertop Spotted Gum
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Alpine_Spotted_Gum 10 Alpine Spotted Gum
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Tungsten 11 Tungsten
Nouvelle_Acoustic 1
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Moonstone 2
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Limestone 3
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Pecan 4
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Marcona_Almond 5
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Hickory_Natural 6
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Honey_Spotted_Gum 7
Nouvelle_Acoustic-New_England_Blackbutt 8
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Feathertop_Spotted_Gum 9
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Alpine_Spotted_Gum 10
Nouvelle_Acoustic-Tungsten 11

Nouvelle Acoustic

BRAND Australian Select Timbers

TYPE Hybrid


Nouvelle Acoustic collection is a Hybrid flooring range with unbeatable acoustic performance. Ideal for any living space, including bathroom and laundry, perfect for families and pets. It is a 100% waterproof product making cleaning and maintenance effortless.


Lifetime residential  & 15-year commercial warranty*.

Durable, soft underfoot, waterproof and easy to clean, it is ideally suited for families with children and pets, and heavy-traffic commercial places.


Living areas

Dining areas

- Easy to clean & maintain

- Asthma and allergy friendly

- Perfect for families & pets


For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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