Titan Rigid

Hybrid 1 Titan Frosted Ironbark
Hybrid-Alpine_Grey_Ash 2 Alpine Grey Ash
Hybrid-Frosted_Ironbark 3 Frosted Ironbark
Hybrid-Spring_Valley_Oak 4 Spring Valley Oak
Hybrid-Moonlight_Gum 5 Moonlight Gum
Hybrid-Bleached_Blackbutt 6 Bleached Blackbutt
Hybrid-Sandblasted_Blackbutt 7 Sandblasted Blackbutt
Hybrid-Stonewashed_Spotted_Gum 8 Stonewashed Spotted Gum
Hybrid-Blackbutt 9 Blackbutt
Hybrid-Spotted_Gum 10 Spotted Gum
Hybrid-Warm_Urban_Oak 11 Warm Urban Oak
Hybrid 1
Hybrid-Alpine_Grey_Ash 2
Hybrid-Frosted_Ironbark 3
Hybrid-Spring_Valley_Oak 4
Hybrid-Moonlight_Gum 5
Hybrid-Bleached_Blackbutt 6
Hybrid-Sandblasted_Blackbutt 7
Hybrid-Stonewashed_Spotted_Gum 8
Hybrid-Blackbutt 9
Hybrid-Spotted_Gum 10
Hybrid-Warm_Urban_Oak 11

Titan Rigid


TYPE Hybrid


Equally magnificent in a smaller, narrower format than Titan XXL, is Titan Hybrid. This range of carefully chosen designs, rigorously tested for durability, will stay beautiful for years to come and is 100% waterproof for all areas of your home.


20-Year Residential Wear Warranty*

The Titan Hybrid range is a rigid core flooring product (also known as hybrid), both beautiful and tough. The wide and long planks and their stunning designs reflect the beauty of real timber and emit a sense of warmth and style throughout your home. The integrated acoustic underlay allows the click planks to be installed over all kinds of flat surfaces, and go down faster than ever. On top of that, Titan Hybrid offers a complete solution with perfectly matching accessories for a beautiful finish of your floor.

Living room

The properties of Titan make it a 100% waterproof product, so it is perfect for wet mopping and can be installed in wet areas. The product has a strong wear layer to protect from everyday wear and tear and is 100% ortho-phthalate free, making it safe for the whole family to live on. Pet friendly - muddy paws and little accidents problem! The Uniclic® installation system makes installation fast and easy and can be walked on during and immediately after installation.

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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