Ultimate Bamboo

    Ultimate_Bamboo 1 Ultimate Bamboo Coffee
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Champagne 2 Champagne
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Coffee 3 Coffee
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Balinese 4 Balinese
    Ultimate_Bamboo 1
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Champagne 2
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Coffee 3
    Ultimate_Bamboo-Balinese 4

    Ultimate Bamboo

    BRAND Clever Choice

    TYPE Smooth


    The Bamboo benchmark. Superior quality bamboo flooring made to the  highest density available (1150kg/m3) with 11 coats of scratch resistance and UV protection.  FSC certified and CSIRO tested -lower than E1standard emissions patented precision cut, 4-sided click profile with drop end lock.


    25 Year Residential Warranty

    Bamboo is considered the most sustainable material, as bamboo trees are the fastest growing trees in the world. Its sustainability, durability and stylish nature make it popular among home owners and architects.

    • Kitchens
    • Hallways
    • Living Areas
    • Dining Areas

    As a renewable resource that provides stability and durability. Bamboo flooring has the strength and flexibility and is perfect for high usage spaces like kitchens, living rooms and hall ways.

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