Highland Oak

    Highland_Oak 1 Highland Oak Regal Cove
    Highland_Oak-Sterling_Fall 2 Sterling Fall
    Highland_Oak-Regal_Cove 3 Regal Cove
    Highland_Oak-Smokey_Asle 4 Smokey Asle
    Highland_Oak-Autumn_Harvest 5 Autumn Harvest
    Highland_Oak-Dalmore_Ash 6 Dalmore Ash
    Highland_Oak-Arlington_Grove 7 Arlington Grove
    Highland_Oak-Woodford_Glenn 8 Woodford Glenn
    Highland_Oak-Kempton_Oak 9 Kempton Oak
    Highland_Oak 1
    Highland_Oak-Sterling_Fall 2
    Highland_Oak-Regal_Cove 3
    Highland_Oak-Smokey_Asle 4
    Highland_Oak-Autumn_Harvest 5
    Highland_Oak-Dalmore_Ash 6
    Highland_Oak-Arlington_Grove 7
    Highland_Oak-Woodford_Glenn 8
    Highland_Oak-Kempton_Oak 9

    Highland Oak

    BRAND Heartridge

    TYPE Hybrid


    Available in a variety of different colours, Highland Oak Hybrid Plank offers a stylish range of designs that create a modern and sophisticated look for your home.


    Manufacturers Limited Warranty*

    They’re easier to install, require less maintenance and are intricately embossed for that extra level of realism. With outstanding water resistance and exceptional acoustic performance, they’re ideal for any room in the house and perfect for the demands of modern living.

    Ideal for any room in the house and perfect for the demands of modern living.

    Hybrid Planks are a quick and affordable way to upgrade your home. Using the latest in multi-layered technology, Hybrid Planks offer the same natural beauty of solid timber with the added benefit of scratch and stain resistance.

    For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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