Summerhill 1 Summerhill Safari Sun
    Summerhill-Willow_Grey 2 Willow Grey
    Summerhill-Safari_Sun 3 Safari Sun
    Summerhill-Brown_Maple 4 Brown Maple
    Summerhill-Smokey_Quartz 5 Smokey Quartz
    Summerhill-Burlap_Hue 6 Burlap Hue
    Summerhill-Phantom 7 Phantom
    Summerhill-Vienna_Oak 8 Vienna Oak
    Summerhill-Burlywood 9 Burlywood
    Summerhill-Blackbutt 10 Blackbutt
    Summerhill-Merino_Mist 11 Merino Mist
    Summerhill-Braidwood 12 Braidwood
    Summerhill-Spotted-Gum 13 Spotted Gum
    Summerhill 1
    Summerhill-Willow_Grey 2
    Summerhill-Safari_Sun 3
    Summerhill-Brown_Maple 4
    Summerhill-Smokey_Quartz 5
    Summerhill-Burlap_Hue 6
    Summerhill-Phantom 7
    Summerhill-Vienna_Oak 8
    Summerhill-Burlywood 9
    Summerhill-Blackbutt 10
    Summerhill-Merino_Mist 11
    Summerhill-Braidwood 12
    Summerhill-Spotted-Gum 13


    BRAND Heartridge

    TYPE Hybrid


    With a range of 12 sophisticated colours, the realistic timber embossing follows the natural pattern of the grain. 


    Manufacturers Limited Warranty*

    Real timber boards require much maintenance to retain their aesthetic, but with Hybrid Planks, it's effortless. Thanks to the unique, rigid construction and composition, you don't need to oil, sand or refinish the boards.

    Ideal for any room in the house and perfect for the demands of modern living.

    Our Hybrid Planks use an integrated, user-friendly patented locking mechanism. Built for a speedy, secure installation, these planks click together tightly without gaps. Adhesives are not required.

    For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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