Corsica Oak

    Corsica_Oak 1 Corsica Oak Coastal Oak
    Corsica_Oak-Coastal_Oak 2 Coastal Oak
    Corsica_Oak-Natural_Oak_Brushed 3 Natural Oak Brushed
    Corsica_Oak-Natural_Oak_Smoothed 4 Natural Oak Smoothed
    Corsica_Oak-Weathered_Oak 5 Weathered Oak
    Corsica_Oak-Ashen_Oak 6 Ashen Oak
    Corsica_Oak-Rustic 7 Rustic
    Corsica_Oak-Coffee_Oak 8 Coffee Oak
    Corsica_Oak-Cinder_Oak 9 Cinder Oak
    Corsica_Oak 1
    Corsica_Oak-Coastal_Oak 2
    Corsica_Oak-Natural_Oak_Brushed 3
    Corsica_Oak-Natural_Oak_Smoothed 4
    Corsica_Oak-Weathered_Oak 5
    Corsica_Oak-Ashen_Oak 6
    Corsica_Oak-Rustic 7
    Corsica_Oak-Coffee_Oak 8
    Corsica_Oak-Cinder_Oak 9

    Corsica Oak

    BRAND Godfrey Hirst


    STYLE Matte

    Inspired by the provincial homes that dot the French countryside, Chateau Oak is the embodiment of elegant, humble comfort. This stunning engineered timber floor highlights the authentic texture and grain of real French Oak. The unique pattern features of each board is accentuated by subtle micro bevelled edges, and finished with a light brush to bring charm and warmth to your floor.


    25 Year Timber Limited Residential*

    *Conditions apply: For full information in respect to the scope and limitations of these warranties, this must be read in conjunction with the Godfrey Hirst Timber Floors Care, Maintenance and Warranties guide.

    If you want warmth and grace in your home, nothing surpasses the appeal of a Godfrey Hirst oak timber floor. You’ll never tire of its exceptional beauty, and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

    Dining areas

    Living areas



    Micro bevel edge

    Surface: French oak veneer (3mm)

    Matte finish with very light brush and UV cured lacquer

    Board size: 1900mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 14mm

    Engineered Timber Flooring

    An engineered timber floor is a 100% timber flooring product, but with all the benefits of modern technology. If you’re after a true timber floor, but want the practicality of modern techniques, then understanding what’s possible in an engineered timber floor is a great place to start.

    Put simply, an engineered timber floor has a true timber top layer in your specified species, supported by plantation timber core materials. Depending on the floor this core might be a different kind of hardwood, or a plywood. What this means, is that you still get the timber you’re after, with a much more stable structure. One downfall of traditional solid flooring is that the grain ends aligned in one direction.

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