Polaris 1500

    Polaris_1500 1 Polaris 1500
    Polaris_1500-Pearl_Oak 2 Pearl Oak
    Polaris_1500-Flax_Oak 3 Flax Oak
    Polaris_1500-Hazel_Blackbutt 4 Hazel Blackbutt
    Polaris_1500-Tan_Hardwood 5 Tan Hardwood
    Polaris_1500-Silk_Spotted_Gum 6 Silk Spotted Gum
    Polaris_1500-Classic_Blackbutt 7 Classic Blackbutt
    Polaris_1500-Silver_Hardwood 8 Silver Hardwood
    Polaris_1500-Stony_Blackbutt 9 Stony Blackbutt
    Polaris_1500-Bright_Spotted_Gum 10 Bright Spotted Gum
    Polaris_1500-Brindle_Spotted_Gum 11 Brindle Spotted Gum
    Polaris_1500-Tawny_Blackbutt 12 Tawny Blackbutt
    Polaris_1500-Iron_Spotted_Gum 13 Iron Spotted Gum
    Polaris_1500 1
    Polaris_1500-Pearl_Oak 2
    Polaris_1500-Flax_Oak 3
    Polaris_1500-Hazel_Blackbutt 4
    Polaris_1500-Tan_Hardwood 5
    Polaris_1500-Silk_Spotted_Gum 6
    Polaris_1500-Classic_Blackbutt 7
    Polaris_1500-Silver_Hardwood 8
    Polaris_1500-Stony_Blackbutt 9
    Polaris_1500-Bright_Spotted_Gum 10
    Polaris_1500-Brindle_Spotted_Gum 11
    Polaris_1500-Tawny_Blackbutt 12
    Polaris_1500-Iron_Spotted_Gum 13

    Polaris 1500

    BRAND Godfrey Hirst

    TYPE Vinyl Plank

    STYLE Matte

    The versatile Polaris range takes natural timber floors' look, feel and design and adds a few extra touches. It is durable, easy to maintain and water-resistant. Direct stick vinyl plank for a professional-looking installation.


    Warranty: 15-Year Vinyl Plank Limited Residential Warranty*

    • Product Transparency: Global Green Tag, GreenRate Level A certified, Best Environmental Practice PVC certified product

    • Accreditation: Manufactured under a quality and environmental system certified and complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by an accredited certification body. 

    • Indoor Air Quality: Green Building Council Compliant for VOC emission rate limits

    Living areas

    Dining areas

    Children's play area


    Water Resistant

    Matte Finish

    Square Edge


    Direct Stick

    For more information about Vinyl flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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