LooseLay Longboard

LooseLay_Longboard 1 LooseLay Longboard Danish Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Bleached_Tasmanian_Oak 2 Bleached Tasmanian Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Alpine_Oak 3 Alpine Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Cashmere_Oak 4 Cashmere Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Field_Oak 5 Field Oak
LoosLay_Longboard-Danish_Oak 6 Danish Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Pearl_Oak 7 Pearl Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Champagne_Oak 8 Champagne Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Wheat_Oak 9 Wheat_Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Tasmanian_Oak 10 Tasmanian Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Lemon_Spotted_Gum 11 Lemon Spotted Gum
LooseLay_Longboard-North_Coast_Blackbutt 12 North Coast Blackbutt
LooseLay_Longboard-Pure_Fabric_Oak 13 Pure Fabric Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Honey_Ironbark 14 Honey Ironbark
LooseLay_Longboard-Mountain_Spotted_Gum 15 Mountain Spotted Gum
LooseLay_Longboard-Embered_Blackbutt 16 Embered Blackbutt
LooseLay_Longboard-French_Grey_Oak 17 French Grey Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Neutral_Oak 18 Neutral Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Sterling_Oak 19 Sterling Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Twilight_Oak 20 Twilight Oak
LooseLay_Longboard-Blended_Ironbark 21 Blended Ironbark
LooseLay_Longboard 1
LooseLay_Longboard-Bleached_Tasmanian_Oak 2
LooseLay_Longboard-Alpine_Oak 3
LooseLay_Longboard-Cashmere_Oak 4
LooseLay_Longboard-Field_Oak 5
LoosLay_Longboard-Danish_Oak 6
LooseLay_Longboard-Pearl_Oak 7
LooseLay_Longboard-Champagne_Oak 8
LooseLay_Longboard-Wheat_Oak 9
LooseLay_Longboard-Tasmanian_Oak 10
LooseLay_Longboard-Lemon_Spotted_Gum 11
LooseLay_Longboard-North_Coast_Blackbutt 12
LooseLay_Longboard-Pure_Fabric_Oak 13
LooseLay_Longboard-Honey_Ironbark 14
LooseLay_Longboard-Mountain_Spotted_Gum 15
LooseLay_Longboard-Embered_Blackbutt 16
LooseLay_Longboard-French_Grey_Oak 17
LooseLay_Longboard-Neutral_Oak 18
LooseLay_Longboard-Sterling_Oak 19
LooseLay_Longboard-Twilight_Oak 20
LooseLay_Longboard-Blended_Ironbark 21

LooseLay Longboard

BRAND Karndean

TYPE Vinyl Plank


Karndean LooseLay Longboard range offers quick installation and individually replaceable planks and tiles. Perfect for temporary and permanent use, Karndean LooseLay is ideal if you want to change the flooring frequently or reduce sound passing to the rooms below.


Lifetime Warranty*

Conditions Apply*

Environmentally Friendly: All Karndean floors are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Quiet Underfoot: Karndean Designflooring gives you the look and feel of natural products with the durability and resilience of luxury vinyl.

- Upstairs

- Living areas

- Dining areas

- Apartments

- pet friendly

- kids friendly

- durable

- easy maintenance

For more information on Vinyl flooring, please read our blog located at the below link:


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