Fusion Elite XL

Fusion_Elite-XL 1 Fusion Elite-XL Blackwood
Fusion_Elite-XL-Sand_Oak 2 Sand Oak
Fusion_Elite-XL-Raku_Oak 3 Raku Oak
Fusion_Elite-XL-Dune_Oak 4 Dune Oak
Fusion_Elite-XL-Tasmanian_Oak 5 Tasmanian Oak
Fusion_Elite-XL-Coastal_Blackbutt 6 Coastal Blackbutt
Fusion_Elite-XL-Cinnamon_Oak 7 Cinnamon Oak
Fusion_Elite-XL-Blackwood 8 Blackwood
Fusion_Elite-XL-Flooded_Gum 9 Flooded Gum
Fusion_Elite-XL 1
Fusion_Elite-XL-Sand_Oak 2
Fusion_Elite-XL-Raku_Oak 3
Fusion_Elite-XL-Dune_Oak 4
Fusion_Elite-XL-Tasmanian_Oak 5
Fusion_Elite-XL-Coastal_Blackbutt 6
Fusion_Elite-XL-Cinnamon_Oak 7
Fusion_Elite-XL-Blackwood 8
Fusion_Elite-XL-Flooded_Gum 9

Fusion Elite XL

BRAND Pegulan

TYPE Hybrid


Fusion Elite XL is Xtra Large AND Xtra Long…225cm x 1842cm. They will give your room a more natural look and free-flowing appeal. Fusion Elite XL comes in four Modern Oak textures and four Australian Classic timber grains; giving you the freedom to create a unique design statement for your home.


20 Year Wear Guarantee

Pegulan FUSION is advanced plank flooring that helps you create the ambiance and impact you want with practical, everyday benefits. Looking good doesn’t have to mean lazy!
It uses solid-core technology, combining the advantages of laminate, timber and vinyl plank into the one product. Pegulan FUSION is practical and looks great, making it the ideal solution for the modern home.

Living areas
Dining areas
Children's play area
Wet areas

Kids and pet friendly
Quiet and warmer underfoot
Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling
Easy to clean and maintain
Realistic and natural, true-to-life appearance
Highly resistant to wear and tear
Safe and healthy with ultra-low VOC emissions
Waterproof resistant to spills and small accidents

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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