Camaro - Tile & Stone

Camaro-Tile_&_Stone 1 Camaro Arctic Slate
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-White_Metalstone 2 White Metalstone
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Arctic_Slate 3 Arctic_Slate
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Soho_Cement 4 Soho Cement
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Burnished_Concrete 5 Burnished Concrete
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Tribeca_Cement 6 Tribeca Cement
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Goldstone_Micro_Terrazzo 7 Goldstone Micro Terrazzo
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Ocean_Slate 8 Ocean_Slate
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Atlantic_Slate 9 Atlantic Slate
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone 1
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-White_Metalstone 2
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Arctic_Slate 3
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Soho_Cement 4
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Burnished_Concrete 5
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Tribeca_Cement 6
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Goldstone_Micro_Terrazzo 7
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Ocean_Slate 8
Camaro-Tile_&_Stone-Atlantic_Slate 9

Camaro - Tile & Stone

BRAND Polyflor

TYPE Vinyl Plank


Camaro is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles and planks replicating the natural beauty of wood, designed for use in all residential and light commercial interiors. Also, see the Camaro Stone PUR collection in store.


15 Year Residential Warranty

Vinyl flooring can bring stylish designs and practicality to any room. Vinyl flooring is readily available in planks, sheets or tiles and you can also use this to create your own individual designs.


Suitable for residential applications including bedrooms, kitchen and living areas and light traffic commercial applications such as meeting rooms and offices.

Vinyl is an easy-to-maintain surface, which is comfortable under foot and suitable for many domestic and commercial applications. Vinyl tiles and planks give your home a timber or various tiles options which is highly durable and comes at an economical price.

For more information about Vinyl flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:'s-benefits/

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